RSSMasher Version 2

Get the RSSMasher software and the complete training course and bonuses:

  • The RSSMasher software (PRO Version) - Online software that runs on both PC and Macs, as well as on most tablets.
  • The RSSMasher "Getting Started" video training course: (Valued at $297)
    • The "First 3 steps" to be successful with your RSSMasher
    • The "Walk Through" series - a complete step-by-step tutorial
    • "Where to get RSS Feeds" - 6 videos with great RSS content strategies
    • "Monetizing Your Feeds" - The Hook, The Link, and a special affiliate monetizer
  • The Bonus courses (Valued at $277)
    • "What is a RSS feed" - get back to the basics and see how RSS has been used in the past
    • "Where to Place these Feeds" - 5 different feed aggregation sources
    • "How to Install RSS reader on Wordpress"
    • "Other RSS Strategies shared by our members"
  • Facebook Private Group (Invaluable)
    • This is the key to gaining knowledge and sharing your own advice
    • The more you give in this group, the more that you will get out of it.