Cracking Facebook's Winning Ads Code

Want the confidence to start crushing it with winning ads on Facebook?

This course is designed for online marketers that want an easy way to swipe the top performing Facebook ads in any niche in minutes.

And avoid wasting a lot of time and money testing ad creatives and landing pages.

In this 3 part workshop, you'll learn:

  1. How to quickly and easily find the top performing ads on Facebook, using the latest ad research tools, like AdvertSuite and Facebook Insights.

  2. How to model these winning ads into your own ad creatives, using some of the most popular image editors on the market today.

  3. How to up your advertising game with viral style video ads using tools like Placeit, Clipman, and Powtoons.

And finally, you'll also get some bonus training on how to create dozens of award winning logos for your clients using Placeit.

Here is what you'll also get from this course:

  • Tip #1: Helps You Lower Your Ad Costs

  • Tip #2: Gets You More Leads And Sales Conversions From Your Facebook Ads

  • Tip #3: Makes It Easy To Swipe The Top Performing Facebook Ads In Any Niche In Minutes

  • Tip #4: Gives You The Confidence To Start Crushing It With Winning Ads On Facebook

  • Tip #5: Avoid Wasting A Lot Of Time And Money Testing Ad Creatives And Landing Pages

  • Tip #6: The Real SECRET For Making Sales By Running Ads That Are Already Proven To Convert

  • Tip #7: How To Recreate These Winning Ads Yourself In A Fraction Of The Time It Would Take To Find, Hire, And Use The Right Graphics Guy

  • Tip #8: Effortlessly Recreate The Top Performing Ads On Facebook With The Tools You Already Own

  • Tip #9: Quickly Find And Recreate Winning Ads And Get Them Ready To Use On Your Facebook Ads

  • Tip #10: Escape The Very Expensive Start Up Process Of Split-testing Ad Creatives And Landing Page Copy

Tools that are used in this course are not required. However, I have tried hundreds of video and image editing tools over the last few years and frankly these tools are the easiest and best supported that I've found.


What you'll discover in this course is how I use these graphical editing tools on a daily basis to create professional ad creatives for both my clients and my own projects. It's not about being perfect is about finding the right methodology to consistently create ads that get the clicks.


So sit back and enjoy this workshop.

Damon Nelson


PS. I still use TechSmith Camtasia, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Premiere. However, this course is about being efficient with your time and efforts, to crank out winning ad creatives in minutes, instead of days.