Racer's Workout

The Racer's Workout Course is designed to help you
"Finish Your Last Lap as Strong as Your First Lap"

It's a fact, racing is tough on the body and lap after lap makes it even more stressful on your body and mind. Often near the end of the race, Drivers get so tired that their lap times go up and there turns are less in control. This is a problem. Not only can it cause you to lose a race, but it can cause accidents, injuries, and even deaths.

I'm Russ Bohaty, the Racer's Trainer". I have been training professional racers for over 20 years, including Kasey Kahne in the NASCAR series, Joey Saldana, multi-champion in the World of Outlaws, and Travis Rilat, National Sprint Car Champion, as well as dozens of other drivers.

I really believe in the young race car drivers that are racing in the dirt tracks and ovals across America. I've personally seen what racers can accomplish on the track when they're at their best and in great racing shape. That's what I want for you too! I want to show you how to get in the best racing shape of your life both physically and mentally. This Racer's Workout course is designed specifically do just that, get in you the best shape of your life and to help you win more races every time you put that helmet on and climb in your race car.


Here is what you get with the course

  • Module 1: Warming Up - How to stretch and warm up to maximize your workouts
  • Module 2: Grip the Wheel - Strong wrists and hands will help you control the wheel easier than other drivers
  • Module 3: Back, Shoulders, Arms, and Neck - Exercises to give you strength and endurance throughout the race keeping your arms up and holding strong on the wheel.
  • Module 4: Medicine Ball Core Workouts - Sport specific exercises for advanced race car drivers to keep you upright and agile throughout the entire day of racing
  • Module 5: Racers Workout Blueprint and Illustrated Training Guide - A complete 8 week training program and illustrated training guidebook.
  • Module 6: Helmet Talks - These are the same motivational messages that Russ shares with his racers during training sessions and prior to races.



Racer's Workout Blueprint - ebook

This is an online, read anywhere version of the Racer's Workout Blueprint and Illustrated Training Guidebook. You can view this on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. So you're only seconds away from your complete racers training program. Take it to the gym on your phone or tablet.


"Top Fuel" - eBook

Top Fuel Nutrition Guidebook is Russ Bohaty’s Guide to Nutrition and Diet for the Professional Race Car Driver. You can view this on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Take it to the gym on your phone or tablet.


"Couch Potato Workout" - eBook

Racing doesn’t last all year. However, what do you during off-season does matter. Here is a simple workout program for that time. You can download the ebook version or read online with our new flipbook version. This is also a great workout that you can do with your family as a team.


Red Flag Situations and Russ' Racers Poem

Mental Preparation for your race starts with your attitude. Russ Bohaty shares his favorite racer's poem "If You Think You're Beaten"


The 5 Golden Keys to Health

Learn the "5 Golden Keys to Health". These are the principals for healthy living way past your retirement form racing and will keep you living an active lifestyle. This is not only for racers, but it's a mindset that you can share with others to keep them healthy.