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Learn the Insider’s Secrets to Scale Your Content Marketing on “Autopilot” with Bi-Weekly Strategy Sessions from the Marketing Automation Gurus


Even if you have no experience, this will help the small business owner, individual entrepreneur, marketer, or service provider ready to turn their blog into an automated source of passive income.

Marketing Automation You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Unleash the power of marketing automation and take your online business to new heights! Wayne Atkinson and Damon Nelson are here every other week to give you a front-row seat for their success secrets.

Get ready to Geek Out with proven strategies for automating your business processes, reaching more customers, and boosting engagement - it's all there waiting just for you!

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People often give up when they try to create an automated marketing system because there are so many contradictory strategies and tools that it takes forever to remember them all. 


Instead of investing their time in learning a new skill, they move on and get distracted by the next shiny object of the day.


Then most people start thinking...

"oh, that's not going to work for me..."
“I’ve already tried that, and it was a waste of time.”


Does this sound familiar?


Did you know that failing to try something new
is the #1 reason for business regret? 


Let’s move past this fear of failure and take your business to a whole new level by following a proven marketing system that will almost guarantee your automated success. 


We've been automating our own digital marketing campaigns for years, and now we're teaching others how to do the same. 


While it's a bit more work in the beginning (like everything in life) to get started, you'll learn a ton of useful skills that will help you grow your business in ways that you never could’ve imagined.


Geek Out Fridays are our bi-weekly strategy sessions, where we teach you real marketing strategies that are proven to work, then combine them with some simple to implement automation tricks.
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Each training session gives you an instant marketing system that runs on autopilot and can be set-up within minutes after the calls are over. 

In each live strategy session, we'll show you a NEW Set-It and Forget-It marketing system that you can build yourself (usually in less time than it takes to read this long sales letter) 

Our training is so good that you actually need to get on the call at least 5 minutes early or risk not getting in…

During the strategy sessions, you will learn different ways to create recurring passive income systems using our auto blogging platform!


Here’s the challenge for you…

Do you want to keep “jumping from opportunity to opportunity,”
never taking action on any of them?
Do you want to do less work, make more money,
and leave your competitors in the dust?

Keep reading if you’d like to…

✔ “Kick back on the couch,” and get paid to talk on the phone
with a very simple to implement, trust-building, automated phone funnel system.

✔ “Hack” the sales process of the highest-ranking affiliates on JVZoo and reverse engineer their system to increase your revenue in the next 5 days... (Even if you’ve never made a sale before!)

✔ Build your email list and automate your email newsletter with the hottest topics, using a “no-effort” repeatable process… to add AT LEAST $3,500 in easy revenue to your income stream every month…

With this one simple tweak to your order form, you can instantly increase the high-ticket sales of any offer!

✔ Build your audience, turn them into "true fans,” and have THEM promote YOU without any effort on YOUR part…

✔ Put your social posting calendars on “autopilot” with hot topics that will grab your audience’s attention in two seconds or less

✔ Use this secret 3-minute video editing technique to pump out winning ads consistently, even if you’re selling in the most competitive markets online!


Right now, over 176 entrepreneurs are pulling in the lion’s share of the best customers to their business by automating it to work “smarter, not harder”!
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So, who are we?

Damon Nelson is a seasoned entrepreneur, business consultant, and online marketer. Over the last 30 years, he has been helping others to be successful in their businesses. 

He’s worked with local business owners and larger international organizations around the world. And he’s been directly responsible for millions of dollars in revenue through his marketing efforts, from assisting online entrepreneurs to launch new products to helping brick-and-mortar retailers get online and grow existing businesses using digital marketing channels.

Wayne Atkinson has been helping businesses grow and succeed for most of his professional career. With over 32 years of software development under his belt, which encompasses an extensive portfolio of software solutions. Wayne quickly noticed that traditional business and the contemporary online world were changing quickly and often beyond the business owners’ control. Using his software and marketing experience, he began developing Automated Marketing software to better help those struggling with their marketing needs.

We want to help you achieve this and more!

Inside these Live Strategy Sessions, YOU'LL LEARN One or MORE of these techniques:


  • Learn how to automate your content marketing and blogging platforms.
  • Know what tools, platforms use to scale and automate your business.
  • Stop guessing how to create your content. We have all been there, don't worry. You'll love this!    
  • Fill your calendar post with the hottest topics and automate the content posting.
  • Have an opportunity to look over our shoulders as we demo the techniques and ask us questions all along the way.  
  • Learn how to implement simple lead generation, click to sales, and micro engagements within your automated marketing systems.
  • Learn how to automate the entire sequence, from finding content to monetizing it.
  • Create a business you’ll love and generate a recurring passive income that finally gives you the financial freedom you have sought?


You could say that our strategy sessions are like having your personal Google AI team, teaching you the inside secrets for business automation and marketing systems.


...but way better!

But don't take our word for it. Read what our viewers have to say:

The first 8 Geek Out Friday sessions were full of resources, best practices, and tips-n-tricks. On the surface, they were excellent and served to show what was possible with RSSMasherTech. (I have an insane schedule but did not miss one of the live meets.)

In the current Geek Out sessions, we see deeper focused dives into new chapters that add real actionable steps to developing expertise on all things RSS. I have not seen better.

Paul Sullivan -


Damon Nelson, along with Wayne Atkinson, has given us brilliant software and solutions to automate content marketing.

Their outstanding approach includes thinking way outside the box and into the future. And because they are doing this development for their own businesses, the software and approaches are CONSTANTLY improving on an almost daily basis.

All of this puts them, their software, their teachings, and their entire system to be on a trajectory to become THE leaders in the Internet Marketing area called Automated Content Marketing.

BUT to me there is something even more important as all that cutting edge production. That is the quality of these men and their dedication to sharing what they are constantly improving so it too can take care of us, their customers, friends.

Dennis M.


Lots of detailed info and some genuine gold nuggets in training. Including links to tools I was unaware of. Also, links to actual URLs that leverage RSS Masher and Masher sites - really gives an inside look at what's possible!



Damon and Wayne provide tips and strategies on 'Geek Out Fridays' that will put dollars in the bank if implemented.

The info is pure value without the pitchfest!

Thanks, fellas

Paul D.


GeekOutFridays have the most focussed content on automating your online work & maximizing your return on your investment of time & money. I just wish Damon & Wayne would meet with us MORE often.

Walt N.


Geek Out Fridays is genuinely a knowledge bomb... Each session is a learning experience loaded with specific and actionable detail.

Jamie O.



By now, you're probably wondering how much the Geek Out Fridays strategy sessions cost...


Before we answer that, let us ask you a question.


How much would you spend to...

  • Know and implement the entire process for your content marketing to create an autoblogging platform with a built-in automated social syndication system (that is truly a set-it and forget-it system)?
  • Know what the best tools for the best price are?
  • Automate the whole system, and have time to spend with your family instead!?
  • To have fun and be part of an incredible community that supports each other?
  • Have a Private Membership to Season 1 of GeekOutFridays and recent strategy calls?
  • Be able to watch replays of the main shows, available within a few hours (less the live secrets shared at the end of each call)?
  • Know our insider's show notes, and have exclusive discounts on products we use and demonstrate on the calls?
  • Learn the BEST Tech Hacks that even the product owners don’t know?
  • Build a business you’ll love and generate a recurring passive income that finally gives you the financial freedom you have sought…?


During the live strategy sessions and private membership to the replays and show notes, you will learn all that and more...


You will not only learn the strategies for content marketing, autoblogging, marketing automation, and secret revenue enhancers, but we will also show you the tools we use to accomplish it.


If you had to pay coach, agency, course, or whatever, you could expect to spend the lowest would be 2k per month.


So, then let me ask you again…


...How much would you pay for it all?






Well, we’re making Geek Out Fridays strategy sessions available for just a fraction of that...


It costs...




Yes, you read it right.





We want to help you grow during these challenging times and give everyone hope that the future is brighter than ever when you take action and implement our marketing automation strategies.

Are you ready to build your dream business?

Are you going to take action today?
or Are you going to let everyone else pass you up? 

Yes, I'm ready to take action!

You just need to:

  1. Sign Up.
  2. Be on the live calls.
  3. Implement.
  4. Enjoy.


Be on the live calls today and say goodbye to...

  • Spending thousands of hours trying to figure digital marketing out.
  • Spending thousands of hours trying to figure how to automate your business.
  • Wasting your hard-earned money on things that won't work.
  • Have to worry about money…
  • Not having time for you and your family.

With Geek Out Fridays strategy sessions, you can put these things behind you so you can enjoy your business and life.


Click here and let's get started


Thanks.  We know you won't regret it.


See you there!

Damon Nelson & Wayne Atkinson



PS. Geek Out Fridays strategy sessions are free, but there are limited spots on the live strategy sessions. If you're not early, there is a GREAT chance that you'll be left out of the call...

PSS. Don't overthink it, just Sign up and SHOW UP!