Recommended Tools

Here are Our Current Apps
and Services (11/20/23)

  • RSSMasher Technology - Start creating your RSS "Super Feeds" in minutes with your money-making "Hooks" and schedule them to your Masher Sites and WordPress Blogs for a complete "Set It and Forget It" autoblogging experience.
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  • VidPenguin 2.0 - Our flagship product is the first step to ranking videos and one of the absolute best video marketing training courses online.
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  • Masher Sites - This is our exclusive, premier autoblogging platform. It replaces the need for using WordPress as your Autoblog, eliminates hosting fees, requires no extra plugins or security tools, and makes building sites as quickly as 12 minutes.
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  • Masher Site DFY Service - Here is the simplest way to get started with autoblogging. Let us build your masher sites for you, do the RSS feed research, and set up your RSSMasher account to automatically feed fresh, trending content to your masher sites daily.

  • MinionBuilders - Start Building Social Personas Immediately! Create social personas, bios, and profile pics in minutes with this handy tool. Keep all passwords in one secure location for easy sharing. You can even sell and transfer your minions to other minion builder owners.
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  • BoosterPages - Ever wanted an automated backlinking solution that WORKS, is Scalable, and is Niche Related? Over the last 18 months, we have scaled Masher Sites to the point that we no longer see any limitations. Hardware, content, and hosting are all taken care of for you. So we tackled the last step of the autoblogging ranking process - safe, effective, quality backlinks with our famous "set-it and forget-it" approach. With a simple process of selecting a Tier 1 - Booster Site and Category, you can now benefit from a mass scale of high-quality content pages and listicles - tier 2 backlinks all pointing back to your featured post on a Pinterest-themed masher site.
    This exclusive Black Friday Pre-Launch - Lifetime Deal - allows you to Boost as many posts on as many URL's.


Upcoming Services and Apps
Launching Soon!

  • AIMasher - Coming in Nov 2023

  • Ad Display Network - Public Launch in Spring 2024

  • - Public Launch in Spring 2024

  • Plus, much more that we can't disclose at this time 


Here are Our Top 12 Favorite Apps
that We Use Daily

Both Wayne and I use these Software Tools 
Almost Every Time We Turn On the Computer

  1. Zimmwriter - This AI Writer allows you to utilize AI in many popular applications and websites, including Word, Google Docs, and Grammarly. With its seamless integration, you can write effortlessly wherever you are. But that's not all. ZimmWriter takes it a step further with its cutting-edge blog writing feature. It surpasses all other AI writers in quality, producing exceptional content that captivates readers.  
  2. FraseAI - This AI writer is one of my favorite tools for creating AI docs supported by the top 20 SERPs for each topic. We use this App to create our Helpful Content Briefs and Listicles. Plus, the custom AI templates from their members do some incredible article writing that appears more conversational than any other AI tool on the market. Check out the GEEKOUTFRIDAYS show this year, where we demo the tool and how to make Helpful Content Briefs. 
  3. Grammarly - Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant. It has native apps on almost every app that you might use online.
    They have both a Free and Paid version. I use the PRO version every day that I am on the computer.
  4. Eleven Labs - Explore the most advanced text-to-speech and voice cloning software ever. Create lifelike voiceovers for your content or use our AI voice generator as an easy-to-use text reader.
  5. SurferSEO - Rank Your Content With the Power of A.I. - This app creates content briefs for the chosen topics compared to the highest-ranked content. We use it to do several things, including Keyword research, content planning, content editing, and audit tool.
  6. is my secret weapon for automatically finding and delivering niche-related, trending content to my social scheduling tools.
  7. SocialBee - My favorite social posting, scheduling, and content management tool. I use this SAAS-based tool to stream niche-specific posts to 100's social accounts constantly. They also serve my RSS feeds and zaps into the scheduler. Plus, they have a nifty Chrome extension to automatically add content that I find interesting directly into my social profiles. 
  8. Camtasia - This is my "Go To" Video Editor. Although I use some online editors to automate my video content marketing, I still use Camtasia to do all my training courses, VSLs, and Podcasts. This will be my first choice and highest recommendation if you want an easy-to-learn video editor with some major professional editing tools. 
  9. PlaceIt.Net - From the guys at Envato. Makes mockups, logos, graphics, videos, t-shirt designs, and product images. Check out the GEEKOUTFRIDAYS calls, where I show you how I use Placeit to make logos, custom mockups, and intro videos.
  10. Canva - Free and paid versions. This is the go-to graphics tool for most marketers. I seldom use Adobe Photoshop because of this software, along with Snagit.
  11. Kajabi - It's not the cheapest and certainly not the most "hyped" on Facebook Ads (i.e., Click Funnels or Groove Funnels). I have tried just about every membership platform out there. The good ones are not sold for 1-time fees, and cheap ones are not supported over time.
    Kajabi is one of the most accessible all-in-one membership sales platforms. And it is the ONLY software app that GETS BETTER every quarter when they upgrade or add new features (at no extra monthly cost). This is my most expensive annual tool at $997/year. Yet, it proves that it is worth 10 times this amount in ease of use, intuitive design, deliverability, page design, and hosting every year...AND BY FAR, THE BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT ONLINE TODAY!
  12. Authored Intelligence - Authored Intelligence is my go-to tool for rewriting content, crafting emails, and creating captivating social posts. It's user-friendly and elevates your writing with AI. Your words will sound better, and your copy will read better. It's a game-changer! This tool is a must-have for anyone looking to level up their writing skills.


Here are other software tools
that we use and recommend

They are integral in our business, giving us a distinct competitive advantage in building our internet marketing presence. (in no particular order).

  • Zapier - I use Zapier's easy automation tools for most of my sales channels and Zaps to go from RSSMasher to SocialBee and Pinterest. This is a must-have tool for automating your marketing business.
  • RocketLink - This is my favorite link shortener using my custom domains and Facebook tracking pixel integrations. #1 Link Retargeting Platform for Marketers and Brands.
  • ZOOM - My go-to live webinar and video conferencing tool. I've used them all from Gotowebinar, Webinar Jam, EverWebinar, Webinar Kit, Dubb, Belive, etc...
    There is no better video webinar/meeting tool for this low monthly price than Zoom's quality. And now it streams live to Facebook Groups, Pages, and YouTube Live. 
    Believe me; I've tried them all...
  • NameCheap - BEST Domain Name Registration service and ABSOLUTELY THE BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT I've ever used for domain name support. I buy and sell all my domains with GoDaddy.
  • Copy Pro - When I need to write a great email autoresponder series, I tap into the Best Email Copywriter in the world.
  • Page ReWriter - Generate original content from page 1 ranking sites to get more SEO back to your sites. This is a clever new content writing service with AI from Mike Martin. 
  • RSS Ground - This update has some nice feature updates that make it even quicker to find trending and popular RSS FEEDS. 
  • FeedSpot - This is one of my secret methods for finding RSS Feeds with Ful and Rich content. You can also read your favorite Blogs, Podcasts, News Websites, YouTube channels, and RSS feeds from one place on Feedspot. They now have a built-in social scheduler for paid subscriptions.
  • NameSnagger - This is my secret daily method for finding great expired domain names. Gene Pimentel compiles this list every weekday. It is often a race to find the best names listed ever since I taught a few hundred customers how to do this.
  • MissingLtr - Evergreen content marketing your blog posts with this handy social posting scheduler for the NEXT 12 MONTHS. You probably have seen and shared many of my social blog posts published by this amazing tool.
  • Typeform - This, by far, is the best way to collect data and do quizzes. Easy to use and has the highest CTR of any quiz software. And over the years, I've tried a few dozen. I use this to do all my product surveys and personality quizzes. They have a free version that works pretty well for primary data collection.
  • Buffer - This is one of those tools you wonder why no one else is using. This is how I schedule and syndicate content on my social platforms. This is my secret sauce for growing very active Facebook groups and my profile.
  • OneStream Live - I still use this simple tool to stream my videos to YouTube and quickly rank videos on my more powerful YT channels.
  • Pro Rank Tracker - This is the best and ONLY keyword rank tracker we recommend. They do have a free version to get started.
  • Snagit - This is by far the most used tool on my desktop computer! Quickly capture images and videos of your screen.
  • SmartMockups - The High-End Cloud-Based 'Mockup' Design Suite with Ready-Made Designs incl. iPhone, iPad and mobile. Includes an in-house Image Creator and previewer before downloading. (Damon loves this for the storytelling and video marketing strategy).
  • SiteGround - My hosting service for ALL my sites and my clients. Best WordPress Customer Support I've ever used... And it's free with your hosting plans.


Note: Some of the links above are with affiliate partnerships, in which we may get compensated for purchases made from the links. With that said, I fully endorse all the tools listed above. I use these tools regularly to streamline my business, most of which I have used for years alongside my software apps.