Recommended Tools

 Here is our TOP 10 List of Apps that we use daily
Plus, an updated list of our Current Software

Updated 05/30/24


Both Wayne and I use these Software Tools Almost Every Time We Turn On the Computer 

  1. Grammarly Pro - Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s AI-powered writing assistant. It has native apps on almost every app that you might use online.
    They have both a Free and Paid version. I use the PRO version every day that I am on the computer.
  2. Zimmwriter - This AI Writer allows you to utilize AI in many popular applications and websites, including Word, Google Docs, AIMasher, and Grammarly. With its seamless integration with AIMasher, you can write effortlessly wherever you are. We use the Bulk Writer feature daily to generate hundreds of "People Also Ask" questions and answer blogs, utilizing the NEW "Search Intent Focus". Matt Zimmerman is constantly improving the tool each month, and his training is amazing. 
  3. Eleven Labs - Explore the most advanced text-to-speech and voice cloning software ever. Create lifelike voiceovers for your content, or use our AI voice generator as an easy-to-use text reader.
  4. SurferSEO - Rank Your Content With the Power of A.I. - This app creates content briefs for the chosen topics compared to the highest-ranked content. We use it to do several things, including Keyword research, content planning, content editing, and audit tools. In my opinion, after testing dozens of automated AI Writing tools. 
  5. Koala Writer - I love using Koala Writer for its versatile features. The chat provides quick AI answers, while Koala Magnets makes creating AI Answer Bots and lead captures a breeze. However, my favorite tool is the writer, which helps me craft compelling, SEO-friendly, and humanistic product comparisons and articles. Koala Writer has become an essential part of my content creation process.
  6. Rank Math SEO Pro - This WordPress plugin handles all the SEO for your blog posts, including meta-tagging, meta descriptions, site submissions, schema, and much more. It even has AI writer in the Pro Version. I use the Pro version on all my WordPress sites
  7. Link Whisper Pro - I use a WordPress plugin to easily enhance our site's SEO. It intelligently automates internal linking, improving user experience and search engine ranking. A new AI tool called LinkBoss is entering the market. It shows great potential as a SAAS application, offering a centralized dashboard and bulk linking capabilities.
  8. AAWP - Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates. Easy to incorporate into Zimmwriter Product Roundups and AIMasher Listicles as WordPress Shortcodes
  9. Kajabi - It's not the cheapest and certainly not the most "hyped" on Facebook Ads (i.e., Click Funnels or Groove Funnels). I have tried just about every membership platform out there. The good ones are not sold for 1-time fees, and cheap ones are not supported over time.
    Kajabi is one of the most accessible all-in-one membership sales platforms. And it is the ONLY software app that GETS BETTER every quarter when they upgrade or add new features (at no extra monthly cost). This is my most expensive annual tool at $997/year. Yet, it proves that it is worth 10 times this amount in ease of use, intuitive design, deliverability, page design, and hosting every year...AND BY FAR, THE BEST CUSTOMER SUPPORT ONLINE TODAY!
  10. LaunchCDN - This is one of my favorite hosting platforms for our PBNs. Each site operates on a separate Premium CDN, and the websites themselves are highly efficient. Additionally, the customer support is highly responsive.


Here are the tools we built and use daily
to create hundreds of fresh and trending content
published to our Money Sites, PBNs and Autoblogs.


  • AIMasher - The Ultimate AI Enhanced Media Publisher and Content Boosting SAAS app online today. Boost your content marketing game with advanced AI publishing, effortless article writing, helpful content creation, Listicle Builder, and smart automated publishing. And NOW featuring the first ever RSS Feed Rewriting Engine!
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  • RSSMasher Technology - Start creating your RSS "Super Feeds" in minutes with your money-making "Hooks" and schedule them to your Masher Sites and WordPress Blogs for a complete "Set It and Forget It" autoblogging experience.
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  • BoosterPages - Have you ever wanted an automated backlinking solution that WORKS, is Scalable, and is niche-related? Over the last 18 months, we have scaled Masher Sites so that we no longer see any limitations. Hardware, content, and hosting are all taken care of for you. So we tackled the last step of the autoblogging ranking process - safe, effective, quality backlinks with our famous "set-it and forget-it" approach. With a simple process of selecting a Tier 1 - Booster Site and Category, you can now benefit from a mass scale of high-quality content pages and listicles - tier 2 backlinks pointing back to your featured post on a Pinterest-themed Masher site. Version 2 upgrades coming this Summer. All upgrades included with purchase.
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  • VidPenguin 2.0 - Our flagship product is the first step to ranking videos and one of the absolute best video marketing training courses online.
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  • Masher Sites - This is our exclusive, premier autoblogging platform. It replaces the need to use WordPress as your Autoblog, eliminates hosting fees, requires no extra plugins or security tools, and makes building sites as quick as 12 minutes.
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  • Masher Site DFY Service - The simplest way to start is with autoblogging. Let us build your Masher sites for you, do the RSS feed research, and set up your RSSMasher account to automatically feed fresh, trending content to your Masher sites daily.

  • MinionBuilders - Start Building Social Personas Immediately! Create social personas, bios, and profile pics in minutes with this handy tool. Keep all passwords in one secure location for easy sharing. You can even sell and transfer your minions to other minion builder owners.
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Upcoming Services and Apps
Launching Soon!

  • - Public Launch in Summer 2024

  • - Version 2 updates, with even more visual backlinking power - Summer 2024
  • - Public Launch in Fall 2024

  • BotMasher - Beta Launch Fall 2024

  • Plus, much more that we can't disclose at this time 



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