My Business Toolkit: The 5 AI Writers That Power My Content

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My Business Toolkit: The 5 AI Writers That Power My Content

My 5 Favorite AI Writing Tools

Today, I'm sharing a quick list of my top 5 AI writers – tools that have made writing easier. I've tested them thoroughly and believe they could be useful for you, too. Plus, I'll toss in a bonus at the end: my favorite Chat GPTs I use daily. Let's get straight to it.

  1.  Zimmwriter - This AI Writer allows you to utilize AI in many popular applications and websites, including Word, Google Docs, AIMasher, and Grammarly. With its seamless integration, you can write effortlessly wherever you are. But that's not all. ZimmWriter takes it a step further with its cutting-edge blog writing feature. Matt Zimmerman is constantly improving the tool, and his training is amazing. 
  2. SurferSEO - Surfer's AI Writer is among the best in the business, especially using a product roundup/Listicle-style article. It is pricier than all the others at $29/article. However, very little editing is required when it's done, and the research and readability are superior to anything else. I often use these articles as pillar posts, cross-link them internally, and cite expert source links. These are the posts that I also re-purpose for use in social media content and guest posts.
  3. ScaleNut - It’s all in one AI Tool. It's got keyword planning, AI copywriting, content generation, and more. What I like is its Cruise Mode. Which is a dynamic SEO researched Outline builder that crafts AI-written content from the outline. I use this tool for "Long-Form" articles and timeline pieces requiring more research than the average 1000-word AI post. For instance, here is a timeline article I wrote last year about the Civil War; it took a few hours to complete with pictures, cited sources, and editing. But if this had been a "Term Paper" in college before AI, it would have taken me weeks to write.
  4. Koala Writer - This is a very good AI Writer who researches and cites sources to craft blogs and product reviews. I started using this after Julian Goldie and Jacky Chou recommended it. The quality is very good and requires little or no editing. What sets this one apart is it has an incredible internal linking tool built into the writer that makes the anchor text links look very natural in the writing style. I also like the formatting in their rewrite and YouTube to Blog content. Here are some writing examples that I created over the past few weeks, blog postproduct review, and Amazon product roundup.
  5. Sudowrite - If you want to be a fiction writer and write your first book in a few days, here is what I consider the best fiction writer software using AI tools. Combined with Peter Hatherley's Storyline GPT you have an incredible writing power to crank out a fiction book every weekend.


Bonus AI Writer recommendation:

5 Chat GPTs that I like and use daily. Links can be found on

Sean Vosler Copywriting GPT

Prompt Perfect

Content WorkFlow Specialist

Canva GPT

EEAT Analyzer

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