#1 Problem Plaguing New Launches (and How to Fix it)

product launch Aug 04, 2020

If you were to guess the #1 problem marketers face when launching a new product – what would you say?

Not having enough information?

There are products, courses and programs galore that teach how to create and launch a new product.

Lack of technical know-how?

Anyone can hire the technical help they need online.

The #1 reason why marketers – and especially new marketers – fail to launch new products is fear.

Not fear that they will screw up, or fear that the launch will be a disaster. Those problems are easy to fix. Just figure out what you did wrong and don’t do it next time.

The #1 thing holding them back from launching is fear of what others will think.

This includes fear of what customers think: “What if they don’t like my product? What if they think it’s rubbish?” And also fear of what more established marketers will think.

“What if a big marketer doesn’t like my product? What if they tell the world I’m a failure and a fake? What if they don’t like my sales funnel or my sales copy or worse yet, they don’t like ME?

I can tell you from experience that not everyone will like you or your product. There will always be someone who says your product is rubbish and that customers should by their product instead.

And do you know what? That’s okay.

Take any movie or show that’s a smashing success, and you will find people who don’t like it. In fact, there will be people who HATED it. Yes, even Star Wars.

But those movies and shows still made a lot of people happy and they made the producers a ton of money.

Criticism is part of any business. When you put yourself, your opinions and your products out there for the world to see, someone will respond negatively.

Here’s how to get past the fear of what others will say or think:

First, forget about other marketers and your peers when creating content and products. It doesn’t matter what they say because they don’t ultimately pay your bills.

Second, everything you produce, whether it’s content, products or whatever, should be produced for YOUR customers and not for anyone else.

Know your audience and produce thing things your audience loves.

If you were in a play, your performance would be for the audience and not for your castmates, right? Yes, it’s awesome to make friends with your castmates - or in the IM world, with JV partners and affiliates. But they are not your audience. Your customers are the ones you need to please, and when you do, affiliate and JV partners will appear because you are making sales.

And when I say ‘customers’, I mean YOUR customers. If your target market is women over 50 who need to lose weight, then don’t give a second thought to what a 30 year old woman or a 50 year old man will think of your sales letter. Who cares? They’re not your customers.

When you do this, you’ll find it’s incredibly easy to create awesome content in your own voice that speaks to your audience, as well as products your customers will love to buy.

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