10 Easy Ways to Find RSS Feeds

rss feeds Feb 13, 2020

10 Easy Ways to Find RSS Feeds 

  1. RSSMasher Technology software has 150 niche specific RSS Feeds in over 47 categories directly inside the software. Just use the pull down and select the feed. This list is constantly being added to as we find new RSS Feeds that have full post content
  2. RSSMasher Technology will have 250+ YouTube channels for RSS video embeds in 40 niches (coming 2/21/20).
  3. Damon’s top 25 Feeds - Download this PDF http://www.rssmasher.com/Top25
  4. Paul Hollands 1000+ Rss Feeds – Download this PDF http://www.rssmasher.com/1000Feeds
  5. Watch the video series in the RT training “Where to get RSS Feeds”
  6. Let Google make a RSS Feed for Alerts, Trends, and Keywords.
    Watch the video series in the RT training “Google Alerts RSS Feed Trick”. 
  7. Feedly.com will suggest feeds in any category you could ever imagine.
  8. I use RSSGround to tap into unlimited content. Get access to over 500 000 content feeds on any topic. Articles, videos, podcasts from thousands of websites can be used in your social accounts and blogs. https://vidpenguin.link/RSSGround
  9. RSS FeedFinder - ​​Quickly find hundreds of ​​RSS authority feeds ​in just minutes with this easy to use software. http://www.rssmasher.com/rssfeedfinder
  10. And if that is not enough… How about the “10 Best Places to Find RSS Feeds”


And if you don’t have RSSMasher Technology yet, check out our new flagship software for auto-posting your blogs. https://www.vidpenguinproductions.com/introduction-to-rssmasher-technology



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