12 Places to Find Endless Ideas for Hot Selling Courses

Have you ever had trouble coming up with great ideas for profitable, hot selling online courses?

A good course can sell for as little as $10, and as much as thousands of dollars depending on several factors.

Generally, courses sell for $100 to $500.

So, let’s say your next course sells for $300, and you sell 100 copies a month. You pay affiliates 50% and take home $15,000. Or you sell all 100 copies yourself and take home $30,000.

That’s just hypothetical, of course, but it’s a good illustration of just how lucrative the RIGHT course can be for you.

And it all starts with getting a good idea… or better still, a GREAT idea, using any one of these 12 methods:

1: Specific Keyword Searches – insert your niche keywords into a keyword tool such as WordTracker.com. It will show you plenty of topic ideas, and each one is a potential course. Dig deeper with the keyword tool and you’ll find ideas for individual lessons as well.

2: Broad Keyword Searchers – don’t know where to start? Enter broad search terms such as, “how to” and discover ideas in a variety of niches. This method will show you niches you’ve never thought of.

3: Ask Google – Start typing a search into Google and see what autofill suggestions come up. Just like the keyword tools, these are terms people are searching for.

4: Marketplaces – Go to info product and ebook marketplaces such as ClickBank, JVZoo and Amazon. Search for your broad niche keywords and see which topics are bestsellers with multiple competitors.

5: Facebook Groups – Search for your niche keywords, and look for large, active Groups. See what topics are popular, and then run a search for the topic within the group to see how long it’s been popular. Avoid topics that won’t last and look for ones that will be popular for a while.

6: Forums – Search Google using your niche keyword(s) along with any of these words: Forum, Discussion or Community. Make sure the forums you find are active before looking at the topics under discussion.

7: YouTube – Search for your niche keywords and see which videos get a lot of views and positive comments. Take note of the questions people ask – these are often topics you can add to your own course.

8: Quora – Look for popular topics in your niche to see what people are asking. Compile the most popular topics within your niche, along with the questions being asked and even some of the better answers they receive to give you ideas.

9: Your Blog – Go to your blog archives and traffic logs to see which posts were the most popular. Look for posts with a lot of comments, social media shares, back links and traffic.

10: Other People’s Blogs – Want to know what’s happening in your niche? Check competitor’s blogs and see what’s getting the most traction. To find these blogs, do a Google search for your niche keywords along with the word ‘blog.’

11: Udemy – Browse Udemy and see what’s selling, both in your niche and outside your niche. Look for what’s missing, what can be improved, and what can be combined into something brand new and exciting.

12: Your Own Products – Sometimes your best product and course research is right under your nose.

Take a look at your existing products and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have any popular older products you can update into a fresh new course?
  • Can you take a chapter out of a product and expand it into a course?
  • Can you take an existing product and turn it into a course format?
  • Do you have bonuses that could be turned into courses?


And finally...  Carry a small notebook - Jot down ideas as they come without judgement and evaluate them later.

Jotting down everything that comes to mind without judging if it is good or bad will encourage your subconscious to find even more ideas. And writing them down with pen and paper stimulates creativity in your brain.

Bottom line, you’re only one great idea away from adding 5 or 6 figures to your income.

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