80% of Your Marketing Success Comes from This One Thing

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2021

Pop Quiz: Which element is most important in a marketing campaign?

It is possible:

1: The ability to drive traffic.

2: The ability and willingness to hire top affiliates

3: What product do people want to purchase?

4: A great headline and opening for your sales message.

It's number 4.

For a product or service that people are interested in buying, you can make the most compelling offer. Prospects won't pay attention if your headline or opening doesn't grab their attention.

Prospects won't pay attention if you don't drive enough traffic or recruit affiliates.

Marketing research has shown that your headline and the first 300-500 words of your message are responsible for 80% of your campaign's success.

This means that you must nail the headline and opening of your sales letter, a sales video, or another marketing tool you use.

An article, blog post, or webinar needs a great headline and opening to be read.

You're just creating content and selling letters for the enjoyment of it since no one will read, watch, or buy it.

Your success depends on 5-10% of the copy you write, the headline, and the opening.

Your headline and opening must establish a connection with your prospect. Prospects must immediately feel you are interested in their problem and that you can relate to them.

Every year, I witness new marketers spending a lot of time on product development, affiliate recruitment, social networking, and other things they feel they need to launch a major campaign.

Their sales copy? It's almost an afterthought.

"My product is amazing, my social media campaign and my affiliates are so awesome, the sales copy almost doesn’t matter."

What happens in the first three minutes of a movie?

You will hopefully find something that GRABS you and makes you want to watch more. You can choose another movie from your service if it doesn't.

What should be on the first page?

You want to see the next page.

So it goes.

Your headline and an opening copy must grab your reader/viewer, whether it is sales copy, email copy, or any other content.

What are the steps?

Start by creating a headline that includes a Big, New Promise or Hook. This will appeal to the prospect's intellect as well as emotion. They are immediately captivated by the new concept and eager to learn more.

Prospects have heard the phrase "Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days" many times.

The promise of "Can you lose 10 pounds in 10 days by eating dessert first" is new to most people. Do you mean that I can lose weight fast by eating dessert? Please tell me more!

The ideal is to make a single big promise and deliver it uniquely. The promise of losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks is made in the headline. Eating dessert to lose weight is the only way to fulfill that promise.

One change, complete transformation, or one outcome could be your big promise. It's the big prize at the end of their journey that motivates them to continue that journey.

Your prospect should have this desire.

Your unique feature is what makes your product or service stand out. Your program will help you lose weight.

To deliver its big promise, your product must use a system or process. The system or process must be unique or offer a key element that is not available elsewhere.

Perhaps you are an investor. You are not the only one teaching investing. There are thousands of other people out there. Your system is unique because _____.

If you cannot fill that gap, you can work on your product/service to discover its uniqueness and then write your copy.

(Claiming the highest, most professional, the best quality is a cliche that doesn't count.

Is it an article you are writing? You don't have to say, "To lose weight, eat less and exercise more." That is a common premise. If you can write an article about how your ex's anger helped you lose weight and get in great shape, then you have something. Even if you read something similar, no one has written an article about how it felt for you to go through this.

Your offer is unique and gives prospects or readers hope that it will work. This is the time they receive the benefit they desire.

If you believe that what you do, sell, or write isn't unique, then I would suggest you haven’t done enough research to discover what makes your product or service different. Many things can make a difference globally, and it is up to you to discover them and share them with others.

It doesn't matter what you do. It has to be different than everything your prospect or reader has seen. They will not stay if it is the same thing as before. They will continue to consume your content if it is new and exciting, especially if they are curious.

The opening is the next step and sets the emotional hook. If you can get your reader emotionally invested, they will read more and pay more attention.

It is a unique thing to get your reader emotionally involved. This makes them feel connected to you and helps you build your case.

It's a fact that people will defend themselves when you try to sell them something. It's almost like an invisible wall that is immediately put up. Once it's gone, you can't make the sale.

However, if you can hook them emotionally, there will be no wall. They are just trying to close the gap between you and them and hope you can convince them.

First, speak to your heart, get them excited about your solution, then (and only then) present the facts that your product is the answer they have been looking for.

This means that you don't start with "Hello Joe Smith, I know a lot and can help you!"

Nobody cares about who you are unless they know that you can give them what they desire. It would help if you started with the big promise and unique twist. Then, it would help if you opened emotionally. After you have done those things, you will want to jump in and say, "Hi, my name is Sue Jones and ...."."

Let me give you an example. Let's suppose it's December 2020, and you have been given the task of writing copy to promote the new Covid Vaccines. You might have something similar for your opening. Keep in mind that I am a bit cheeky and not as serious as what was required, but you will get my point.

It's true, it's true!

A new way to protect yourself from Covid and prevent others from spreading it to you, your family, and friends.

This vaccine is called the Covid vaccine.

This is a different way to protect yourself from Covid than wearing a mask or washing your hands. It allows your body to create its own immunity against the virus, which gives you up to 95% protection.

It's simple to get the vaccine. You'll be building immunity in a matter of days.

The best part is that you don't need to go to a doctor or spend anything to get the vaccine.

You'll get 95% immunity to Covid within 2 weeks of your second dose, regardless of whether or not you believe in vaccines.

If you don't want weeks of being on a ventilator, or if your long-term Covid symptoms like memory loss and extreme fatigue are too much for you, then I recommend that you pay attention to the information below.

My name is Dr. Fauci. I am the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director and chief medical advisor for the President of the United States. __S.84__

I am passionate about saving your life and those of your family members.

It would help if you now started adding facts to support your claims, and then you end with an offer that they can't refuse.

What if you are writing an article and not a sales mail?

The same approach would work for me. I would lead with emotion and make it more intense than the off-the-cuff example.

Death by Covid, as you probably know, is not something anyone would consider a "good" way to die. It is worse to pass Covid on a loved one who becomes sick, becomes hospitalized, or dies.

You can create passion in a letter or article by including a real person and telling their story. This could be their story about how Covid wasn't a big deal to them. The flu was worse than Covid, and they thought things were being exaggerated. Their wife then got sick. Six months ago, she was a brilliant nurse and loved helping others. Now, six months later, she cannot remember what someone said to her, can't climb stairs, and will likely never work again. She may be lucky because Uncle Frank was diagnosed with Covid. He died almost three months later after struggling to breathe for over a month.

Use emotion. Describe the pain you want to avoid for your readers. Show how the scientists have been working on this vaccine technology for over a decade. Show past cases of smallpox or polio that vaccines have eradicated.

This is it:

Spend as much time on your headline, 300-500 words, and the rest of the campaign as you do on the rest. You'll lose your audience if you don't.

Emotion leads to something different from everything else.

The personal introduction (Hi Joe Smith!) is unnecessary. The technical stuff is for after you have hooked them with curiosity, emotion, and the big advantage.

Last thing: Make sure they can't refuse your offer if you write a sales letter or a video. A product selling at $47 per month and putting $500 in their pocket every month is an offer no one would refuse as long as your case has been made.

These are the things that will make people eager to read your articles and sales copy.

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