Pro Video Marketers Newsletter #6

newsletter Sep 26, 2018
VPP - Newsletter 6 (Web version)
Pro Video Marketing Tips #6

This week is all about Green Screen Studios and how to light them correctly. Plus, I throw in a few tips on how to light your home studio.

You’ll also find some great articles on how to use storytelling to build your video brand. And one of these is from an ex Saturday Night Live writer, where he reveals some of his best secrets to improve videos with storytelling.

The training tip this week, you’ll discover 3 ways create viral videos for social media. This is a great Workshop from the guys at Content Samurai. Definitely carve out some time to learn their viral secrets.

And finally, I share one of my “most favorite” movie quotes from my “most favorite” movie, Remember the Titans.


Damon Nelson


What's New in Video Marketing
This is a quick training video on how I light my Green Screen studio to get Hollywood quality green screen results. Plus, I share some lighting tips on how to remove shadows on the face.
Learn all about how to light up your video content with Vidyard's creative director Blake Smith. Create a professional look without a massive budget.

Recommendation of the Week

I’ve got something truly awesome to share with you today!
I am a big fan of green screen videos. In fact, I have a complete green screen studio in my office.

Why? Green screen videos are one of the best ways to connect with your audience, as you can talk in front of the camera which creates trust with the viewers as well as put videos, photos and text in the backgrounds which makes the videos more engaging and interactive.

The problem most folks have are finding great backdrops to go behind the green screen. Well, I’ve got that problem solved for you.

Friends of mine, Ray Lane and Ciprian Macovel have just released an incredible collection of 67 unique backdrops that are very simple to use with your green screen footage. These are not swirly animations, unrealistic camera angles or still images. Every single video background was in house produced and has motion elements to make it look highly realistic and professional.

And that’s not all because you’re also getting the files with transparent windows, so from those 67 backdrops you can create hundreds of new ones. You can place any video behind the windows to simulate a different environment.

You’ll be able to:
► Make any video look professional and instantly grab attention
► Convert more viewers into paying customers
► Receive more traffic from your YouTube videos
► Increase click trough rate on your Facebook ads

Check it out for yourself, watch the demo video hereRight now you can get the package at a discount exclusive to invited members and subscribers so… Jump on it while you can:


Go beyond traditional video hosting and unlock the power of video.
Juxtaposition is a simple technique that comedy writers employ when they’re wrestling...
It’s been said time and time again that video is the most effective medium for building stories and conveying emotions. Watch 5 perfect examples of this.
Need to get your video library organized? Learn how to do a periodic review of your content to determine what is still relevant—and what can be archived or deleted.

Training Tip of the Week
Here is a great workshop from the guys at Content Samurai. They share the top 5 ways to go Viral and 3 tips on how to find the content. It is definitely worth the time to watch it. Take notes and try it yourself.

Video Demo of My Secret Content Tool
Now for my Best Marketing Agency Tip... Ready?
I use SpinRewriter Gold "pre-spun" content to create videos on Content Samurai and then charge the client for custom content creation and video blog posts. You get 50 custom articles each month, based on your own keywords. Then I take these and create video blog posts. Client thinks I have a team of writers working for me.
SpinRewriter bonus

One of My Favorite Movie Quotes

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