Bookshop Pays Affiliates 10%

Bookshop was founded to support independent bookstores and save them from going under because of a certain online retailer.

And it’s worth noting that Amazon is continuously changing the rules and lowering commissions, too. Enough said.

Bookshop distributes earnings through a pooled fund to give profits to digital storefronts of local stores.

Bookshop’s affiliate program is open to everyone and pays a higher royalty on affiliate book sales than Amazon does – 10% on any books sold through your link.

Put together a list of ‘must read’ books for your blog or website, add your affiliate link and see what happens. Since starting in January, Bookshop has raised $4,270,190 for local bookstores.

And authors – you can promote your book via Bookshop to support yourself and independent bookstores at the same time.

Simply sign up for an account, share your links to the books you love and earn 10% on each sale.

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