Effective June 4, 2024, AIMasher and BookMasher will become two separate SAAS products

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Effective June 4, 2024, AIMasher and BookMasher will become two separate SAAS products

Attention AIMasher Fans:

05/24/24 4:00PM ET- AIMasher.com Important NEWS—We are excited to announce that, effective June 4, 2024, AIMasher and BookMasher will become two separate SAAS products.

This strategic move will allow us to focus on each product's unique strengths, enhance their individual capabilities, and provide you with even better solutions.

This significant change is due to several reasons. We developed Book Masher primarily as an afterthought to test a beta concept to build and test within a working product. This product was never intended to be a part of the long-term development of our flagship product, AIMasher.

Secondly, BookMasher has become a major feature that has taken on a life of its own. We have found a large niche market looking for an affordable DFY book-writing platform like this one. However, the current pricing structure does not match the customers who only want a book-writing service and are not interested in the full suite of content writing and enhanced blog publishing tools found in the AIMasher Agency plan.

Lastly, we want to deliver an exceptional experience for all our customers and make our tools easier to understand without adding more menu options and distracting work objectives.

This "Distracting Work Objectives" (Shiny Object Syndrome) is a big deal for Wayne and me. On any given day, we're enhancing articles for our blogs, rewriting RSS Feeds, and publishing bulk content into our PBNs and Web 2.0s. Likewise, we write DIY books, coloring books, and cookbooks all in the same day and sometimes the same hours because everything is in one software. This is great, but often, it's overwhelming for our customers and even us.

We are focused on product simplification while giving you all the automation tools needed to succeed in your business. Separating the tools makes all the above easier to achieve and allows us to market these two products closer to the audience that will use them.

Here is the good news:

If you already own the AIMasher Beta Version or have an Agency License plan, you will get BookMasher with your license as a special thank you for trying it out and helping us develop this into a working SAAS product. This product will be available as long as your Agency License is active and current.

And if you don't have the AiMasher Agency License, there is still time to get the BookMasher SAAS product at no charge. As long as you purchase or upgrade to the Agency License on or before June 4, you will get the BookMasher added to your Agency License with full access to both SAAS products.



After June 4, BookMasher will be sold as a separate product offering and will not be included in any AIMasher Agency plans purchased on or before June 1, 2024.



Hint, Hint... Want this BookMasher software without paying for it? Then upgrade your AIMasher account to the Agency License before June 1.




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