For those Video Power Rankers out there…

page ranking Jul 09, 2019

I’m sure that if you're like me, you’ve been receiving emails all morning with subject lines like these…

  • How they get 1st page rankings with only a few clicks…
  • This is Google Core, Panda, and Penguin proof…
  • Got free traffic?
  • 1st Page Ranker is live! (get tons of traffic at no cost…)

And the reason for all these emails is that there is a NEW Video Live Streaming Tool that just launched. And I have a very special reason I want you to read through this entire email…


I know what you’re thinking…

Damon I already own Live Stream Genius, Live VidRanker, Tube Ranker and a dozen other tools just to live stream videos to YouTube…

You don’t need to sell me on why Live Steaming is the number one way to get top rankings on YouTube and Google…

And BTW. why are you wasting my time today on another live streamer?


Well, I’m glad you asked, and I’ll make it quick…

The Front-End offer has some incredible tools that few other tools offer (and it’s priced below $27 at this time).

Here are just a few NEW features you’ll get, that you can’t find anywhere else…

  • Unlimited use of their NEW live streaming technology that makes video streaming effortless
  • A video spinner that makes multiple live events on different channels easy as clicking a button (BTW… This is how I can do “Hat Tricks” with the same exact video)
  • Preconfigured Prefixes and Suffixes for affiliate promos. I taught this last year in a mastermind course ad now they have it automated for you
  • SEO optimized titles with their built-in title formatter. I love this feature
  • Interlinking of videos in a batch for Maximum link juice
  • All videos are pinged to multiple search engines… I wonder where they got this idea VidPenguins?
  • One-Click bulk manipulation of Descriptions to replace text and links at top and bottom. This one feature was sold as a complete software tool just a few years ago

Plus, it’s from one of the best software vendors on JVZoo, Yogesh Agarwal and Ali G. These guys make great tools and they stand behind them with the best training and tech support.


OK Damon… I’m convinced I need to at least check it out by clicking the link below…

What about all those upsells that always are after that initial purchase?


Well I’m glad you asked on this…

Here are my recommendations:

OTO 1 – The Pro Upgrade – This is definitely worth it.

It includes:

  • MultiSpin Event - Allows you to add spun title and description. It Also has Spintax Creator as well. (I love this feature!)
  • Unlimited Event Creation - Fully Unlimited without Any Caps with up to 20 Events Per Day Per Channel + Unlimited YT Channels for those Video Power Rankers (You know who you are VidPenguins)
  • Unlimited Parallel Streaming (Stream in multiple channel at same time)
  • Advanced Random Event Creation Schedules – makes it look natural to YouTube, to keep your channels legit!
  • And a Video Editor where you can easily add - watermark, lower thirds, text, and logos
  • Plus, an Image Editor where user can easily create thumbnails


OTO 2 – 1 Click Rebrander – I like this one too!

Because you can download video directly from YouTube + Rebrand them in just few clicks, and it includes your very own Green Screen Editor

Plus, if you’re into Affiliate Marketing, this is a first for me. They will deliver direct to your email Bi-Weekly Update of Best Performing & Tested Affiliate Products with JV Page.

And they include a Demo Video to show you how to boost your help your affiliate earnings via live streaming tips with their rebrander.

This is worth checking out. I would give it a buy recommendation…


OTO 3 – AIO Video and SEO Suite – Dealer’s Choice on this one

The SEO suite is perfect for those that want to grab some free Local SEO business with their white-label SEO report that can be generated with one click in a few minutes. Your Clients will love this report.

The AIO Video suite is good for those that don’t have a video editor. But for those video marketers that already have their favorite video editors, this suite of editing tools will not be an upgrade to the pro video tools you already own. Just my opinion…


OTO 4 – Expert Training – It’s OK, but you may already know some of the techniques taught. So, your call on this one

Plus, I am including my own Power Ranking Strategies Bonus course just for grabbing the FE offer. So, you could skip this OTO and not miss much


OTO 5 – Reseller license – I’m not a fan of Reseller licenses. SO, this is a Skip for me…


There you have it…

A reason to read though this blog is this…

This is my 3-step method to instantly rank videos that people want to click

  1. Make a video that answers a question or shows how to solve a problem (and make a Kick Ass Thumbnail magnet to attract the scroller)
  2. Live Stream it to YouTube
  3. Run VidPenguin to ping and index all the YouTube approved variations.


And finally, the best reason of all…

I want you to be successful ranking videos on Google and YouTube.


Thanks for reading this “long blog post”

Damon Nelson


PS. When you grab this offer, I am going to give you my own Video Power Ranking Training Course. This was a few years in the making and includes dozens of video strategies and live case studies on how to rank videos like a PRO.


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