Here are my 10 Best Sources for FREE Icons

icons Feb 19, 2021

Need Free Icons?

Here are my 10 favorite resources for free icons:

  1. Endless Icons: Free flat icons and creative stuff.  
  2. Flat Icon: A search engine for 3,728,000 vector icons.
  3. Font Awesome: The web’s most popular icon set and toolkit.
  4. Fontello: An icon fonts generator.
  5. Glyphsearch: Search for icons from other icon databases.
  6. Ico Moon: 5500+ free vector icons, icon generator.
  7. Icon Finder: 15,139 free icons by Iconfinder.
  8. Icon Sweets: 60 free vector Photoshop icons suitable for iPhone and iPad apps.
  9. MakeAppIcon: The best icon resizer for mobile developers.
  10. Material Design Icons: 750 Free open-source glyphs by Google.

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