Here is a Simple 28 Second YouTube Cat Image ‘Video’ that Got 81K Views

An image, seriously a cat image with a zoom-out and 80's elevator music...

Perhaps I am overthinking this video.

A high-quality video can take several days to create, but it is not guaranteed that anyone will view it.

You can also do as this guy did and take one photo, add music and a title, and then post it.

No script. No voice-over. There is no other than a photo and some generic elevator music.

It is called "Gentle Understanding Cat", and has received 82,000 views and 303 comments.

The creator was also surprised when he wrote, "Damn, this blew up." Check out my other content that was created with real effort.

They were all there, but I only looked at them. His other videos are only 5 to 46 views each.

Charlotte Dobre is another YouTuber. She simply plays social media posts from Karen's Bridezillas and other annoying people. You can watch her reactions as the clips play. Whoop-de doo. It sounds absurd, right?

Charlotte is not to be criticized, but her videos lack original content beyond her smirky comments (which aren't often funny or witty). She seems surprised that so many people are looking at her videos.

Charlotte has 370K subscribers. Here are some of her viewership numbers.

  • The Fake People of Instagram Part 2 - 1.1M Views
  • 881K views - Entitled People on Another Level
  • Part 3: Entitled People on Another Level, 839K views
  • Six26K views of Entitled Brides on Social Media:

Basically, she's making a full-time living as a YouTube partner by simply reading other people's social media posts and commenting on them.

You might consider taking stock of your video goals and determine if you are on the right path. You might need to reevaluate your video-making techniques if you are creating exceptional content that isn't being seen by anyone.

This trick is great for sharing great content on YouTube and making it shareable via social media.

Partner with someone who is polar opposite.

If you hold strong opinions on a topic, your spouse will be the one to play the role of the 'dummy on the other side.

You and your partner will argue back and forth, but you'll always win. Teaching something is a great way to learn.

You could even play the role of an ignorant student who requires a simple explanation. This will make the viewers feel smart, and it can be a great way to get under their radar and convince them to accept your way of thinking.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes and be silly. Today, I came across an animated series called "Suction cup Man".

At the end of video 4, the creator sells a plushie Suction Cup Man doll. He uses video clips to advertise the doll.

Videos don't have to be complicated. Simpler is better. It's best to entertain. Combining the two is the best way to entertain.

The video you are about to make outlines the top 10 things about your topic. You can make it into 10 videos, and each one will be fun.

What video are you about to create to recruit affiliates for your launch? Do not read scripts and pretend to be business-like. Be you. Talk from your heart about your product and what you will do for your affiliates. Be honest. Learn from your mistakes. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Don't let your ego get in the way of the truth. Instead, aim for perfection and pretend you're having a conversation with friends.

Perhaps the best analogy to create videos is the KISS method: Keep It Simple, Silly.

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