How Increase Conversions on Pop-ups and Squeeze Pages

How Increase Conversions on Pop-ups and Squeeze Pages

…while simultaneously training your new subscribers to open and read your emails.

Traditionally, a squeeze page or pop-up is going to have a big promise in your headline, followed with 3 bullet points and an opt-in form or something similar.

But what if, instead of ONE big promise, you make 12 of them?

One online marketer recently tested a pop-up that contained 12 “Secrets” instead of the usual big headline and bullets.

It read something like this:

Yours Today… Free

12 Potent Attraction Secrets

Secret 1: A method for winning hearts from Sir Lancelot

Secret 2: The one thing you can do to get a deeper commitment from him

Secret 3: How to have the BIG relationship discussion without alienating him

Secret 4: The secret “D Word” that will make or break your relationship

Secret 5: Tricks to making a man fall in love with you


And then a box for entering the email address, and a button that says, “Get Access Now!”

I’m paraphrasing the secrets, and in the real copy all 12 were listed.

I wasn’t thrilled with the wording – frankly, with some work the ‘secrets’ could have been sharpened a great deal to invoke a good deal more curiosity and heightened benefits.

And it would have been more effective is testimonials were added, too.

But the overall concept is an excellent one.

Make 12 bold promises to reveal the ‘secrets’ in your niche.

Odds are at least 2 or 3 will resonate with each person. And frankly, you only need one that makes them so curious, they HAVE to subscribe.

Send out one secret per day. In your first email, explain that you’ll be sending one per day, and restate the list of 12 so they’re reminded of what to expect.

Give them the first secret on the first day – don’t keep them waiting. You want to start to satisfy their curiosity immediately, to build further anticipation of the other 12.

At the end of each email, remind them of what’s coming tomorrow.

Send your emails in the morning. Send the email again in the late afternoon to everyone who did not open it in the morning, with the addition of, “In case you missed this…”

Start each subject line with, “Secret #X” to make it stand out from the other emails. (Replace “X” with the appropriate number.)

If you’re doing this in a pop-up, it will in fact be a large pop-up, but that’s okay. With not one but 12 exciting ‘secrets’ or bullets or benefits, I suspect most readers won’t mind a bit.

Test this method on your squeeze page or pop-up and see if your conversions improve.

And one more thing – you’re training your new readers to look for your emails, open your emails and read your emails.

Here’s how to now train them to also CLICK your links:

At the bottom of each of these emails, offer them 3 to 5 choices.

That’s right, we’re going contrary to the usual advice of offering only ONE option to click.

We’re going to offer 3 to 5, and each one will be another enticing benefit or teaser, like this:

P.S. Which Of These Irresistible Insights Are Right For You?

Get Him To Cherish Your Relationship

Develop Alluring Confidence With Men

Dating Profiles that snag REAL Men

Help! I Love A Man Who Isn't Right For Me

The Secret to First Date Chemistry

Note: Each of the 5 is a hyperlink. You can link to an article or post, or sales letter or sales video… whatever you like.

Again, test this method against offering just ONE call to action, and see which one works best for you.


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