How to Consistently Write Viral Content for your Blogs

viral marketing Oct 29, 2021

You put as much effort into a work that no person reads, like the viral work, and generates traffic.

Therefore, why not make each post you publish go viral?

It's not about luck. The trick is to make content that people will want to share with their friends. Click on, click the link, click on, and so on.

How do you make sure you are consistently creating viral content?

You can go to and enter terms and keywords that pertain to your field of expertise. It will reveal the most popular topics and what's going in the present.

Create and publish content related to those articles or the trends you've identified, and you'll find that your posts are getting noticed!

The idea is to capture the trend right at the moment it becomes viral.

Want more?

Go to and enter your keywords. The site will display the most famous content related to these keywords in the past few months.

The task is to choose one of these posts and then write a more specific one. Repeat the process as many times as you'd want.

For instance, if you wrote an article about five methods to teach your dog's neighbor to not bark at 2 am, you could create an article about the same subject but with how to do it in 10 ways or 20 methods, with more suggestions and more information, everything and anything to make it a more helpful article than the first.

When you've written a detailed piece of content superior to other viral content, go to BuzzSumo and click "View Shares" and see every person who shared the article on Twitter.

Get in touch with them by locating your email on Twitter (search for the user's name). Send them a brief email stating that you saw they posted the original article on Twitter and asking them if they would like to read your own. Tell them what you think is different and ask for their permission to post it on Twitter.

If you follow these tips, your articles and posts will be viral, and you'll be able to get new traffic at no cost like a breeze.

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