How to Get Extra Private Phone Numbers for Your Mobile Phone


I just found this really handy app for 2nd ( and 3rd and more) private phone numbers for my mobile phone.

Why would you need a PRIVATE mobile phone number?

Think of Google Phone Verification Accounts...

Google, Facebook, and Twitter require Phone numbers to verify accounts and they are only going to get stricter on this account verification process in the near future (Thanks to Russian Fake News Hackers).

In fact, if you haven't been on your VidMinion social accounts in a while, you will most likely be asked for a phone number to verify the account.

So now you can "rent" a phone number for a few days, a month, or longer if needed. And you don't need any additional phones or sim cards.

This is a very easy and FAST way to grab you a USA, Canada, UK, phone number that you can use on your existing mobile phone.

The Hushed App is available on iPhone and Android as an app download. You can get it here



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