How to Get Traffic from Quora

Quora is an online Q and A website that lets people ask questions on anything and everything.

To drive traffic to your website, search for any question related to your field and then answer the questions.

To locate the relevant questions, use words in your search bar. It would be best if you answered as many questions as possible to increase your authority and increase your recognition.

This will result in brand recognition and leads; however, it's unlikely to generate enough leads to justify your time.

But, you can take things up a gear with an entirely different approach. Instead of answering every question in a single piece, Here's how you can do:

Find snippets of your blog posts in which you've covered the subject. Copy these snippets and paste them onto Quora as your answer and include a link back to the blog post you originally wrote.

This is sure to bring traffic to your website, But you may discover there's a problem. Quora could be confused and believe that they are copying your work. If this occurs, they'll suspend you until you notify them that you're putting your material on the site, after which they will remove you from the ban. I'm not making this up.

Sometimes, they make the same mistake. However, they are willing to fix it.

There's a way to enhance the effectiveness of this system more efficiently, and that's to employ the same method as above - answer questions by quoting snippets of your blog posts and then hyperlink back to your original blog post while also providing fresh content. This doesn't require an abundance of new content, just something fresh that doesn't appear on your blog and is only available to Quora users.

To receive many votes, For a great chance of getting upvotes, follow these steps. Look for the most frequently asked questions within your area, the ones which many people are interested in. Then, find the most popular answers to these questions. Please go through them, add your answers that are more detailed than other answers, and include new information that other answers do not have. Include the URL of your blog post and also.

In the end, adding value is the way to get tons of visitors from Quora.

If you don't wish to write answers to your questions, you could also advertise on Quora. This might not be as effective as writing answers; however, it's much quicker.


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