Life in Crisis - Done is Better Than Perfect

With the world essentially turned upside down right now, maybe it’s a good time to forget about getting things perfect and instead simply concentrate on getting them done.

Whatever your specialty is, reach out to people on social media and see who you can help. I think you’ll find that people are much more open right now to receiving help from a kind stranger.

Offer two ears to listen and one mouth to offer solutions to whatever they are facing. In other words, do more listening than talking.

And when you find someone who needs more help than just a social media chat, offer your services. You don’t need fancy sales pages to do this, you simply need to be yourself and show that you can truly help them.

Whatever it is that you are choosing to do right now, focus far more on getting it done than getting it perfect.

And when the crisis is over, I think you’ll find this new skill of getting things done quickly by whatever means you have on hand will continue to reap rewards for you.

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