Social Kickstart Live - Google Page 1 Ranking Case Study

case study livereach review Jun 03, 2019

You know by now that both Facebook & YouTube give MAJOR priority to those who broadcast “Live” video.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at your feeds and channels…

If anyone is currently “Live” or recently went Live, it’s amazing how much exposure both FB and YouTube give those videos!

Well, today a new tool called LiveReach just was released – go and check it out here


Social Kickstart Live allows you to take ANY pre-recorded video and play it “Live” on Facebook and/or YouTube – simultaneously.

Now, you can broadcast literally any type of video and leverage the instant exposure of…

  • Facebook: Currently 2.1+ Billion Users
  • YouTube: Currently 1.2 Billion Users

While this new tool is dead simple to use…

Step 1: Connect Your Accounts
Step 2: Upload Your Video and Post Details
Step 3: Go Live or Schedule Your Broadcast

…the power and visibility of your videos is CRAZY.

Webinars, Live Events, Product Reviews, Screencasts, Interviews, Training Videos, Sales Videos, Training Videos, Software Demos, the list goes on with how many ways you can use Social Kickstart.

You can grab it NOW for ONLY a one-time investment.



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