Need a Multi-Account Browser? Here is My Review of the NEW Logii.

Marketing your company online is getting more difficult as time goes on. You could have your ad accounts banned limits on reach and messaging imposed on nearly every social media site.

It is difficult to restart if you lose your account or access a platform because of the browser fingerprinting technologies that close down new accounts as soon as you create them.

The only way to avoid being fingerprinted by big sites is to use a multi-account, multi-login browser to prevent large sites from identifying you and allow you to do multi-account marketing.

We've recommended several solutions to this problem in our Minion Builders training. They vary in price and complexity.

However, I recently came across a new product — Logii - Multi-Login and Anti-Detect Browser.

In today's article, we'll go over what it does, who it's for, how much it costs, and what the upsells are so you can make an informed decision about purchasing it. We'll also go through the advantages and disadvantages of this new tool so you can determine whether or not it's right for you...

What is Logii Browser?

Logii is a browser designed specifically for marketing. It allows you to keep track of and manage numerous accounts and logins securely by dividing each identity into its virtual environment, keeping them separate from one another.

The solution is ideal for many PCs or VPSs, which many marketers have been forced to utilize as a very bad, slow, and costly fix.

The Logii Browser is an encrypted browser providing complete anonymity confidentiality, prevents browser fingerprinting, and allows you to use many accounts on one PC.

  • There are no limitations on the number of accounts you may utilize to advertise with the Pro package.
  • You can market your company securely using multiple accounts. You receive complete protection on all social media sites, forum sites, and blog sites.
  • Don't get caught paying a premium for sluggish and costly VPSs. On your computer, you can access secure multi-login browsing.
  • Multi-login marketing allows you to expand your company and earn money. For yourself or clients, you may run multi-login and multi-account campaigns.

The best thing is that each browser profile created in Logii has its independent browser environment, separate cookies, local storage, and even cache. There isn't a lot of overlap between them. Sites that attempt to fingerprint your browser and put you out of business can no longer achieve this.

Logii has ultimate Anti-Detect protection for your digital marketers like: 

  • Geo-data protection
  • IP Protection
  • Independent Cookies
  • Language Identity
  • Protected Audio Identity
  • Time zone Anti-Detection 
  • Custom Resolution Setup
  • WebGL Anti-Detect
  • IndexedDB Uniquifier
  • Independent Environment

Furthermore, Logii assists browser add-ons via APIs. You may save time and aggravation by automating monotonous operations using APIs.

You may create several browser profiles for various team members, making it simpler to manage workflow. You may even share accounts with your teammates without sharing passwords.

Logii browser allows you to manage campaigns for your customers in a secure environment. Don't let one mistake ruin your entire client list.

Logii is ideal for groups. Work on your campaigns, and let your team members access them with a single click. There will be no need to share passwords or go through the hassle of logging out and back in again, and there will be no more infinite OTPs. Logii is quick, secure, and simple to use.

What else can Logii do?

Logii is a versatile program with lots of functions that I found helpful. Here's what else Logii can do:

⧠ Supports up to 10 accounts running simultaneously.

⧠ 100% independent browsing environment for each id.

⧠ Share accounts easily with the team without sharing passwords.

⧠ Control over all important browsing parameters.

⧠ Secure browsing with multi-accounts at the same time.

⧠ Low-bandwidth & memory requirements.

⧠ Easy to use interface with familiar tools.

⧠ Support for separate proxy for each account.

⧠ Easy to use browser with all standard features.

⧠ Install on up to 3 computers at the same time.

⧠ Standards compliant and modern browser.

⧠ Fast & easy browsing on your network or proxy.

⧠ Works with all paid and free proxy systems worldwide.

⧠ Has support for extensions.

⧠ Perfect for internet marketers who want to do multi-account social media marketing.

⧠ Perfect for Agencies who run campaigns for their clients and want to make sure each client is protected and works in their own space.

⧠ Perfect for Facebook Group marketing without getting banned.

⧠ Powerful browser features, including support for Chrome Extensions.

⧠ Login from any country by combining commercial proxies. 

⧠ Run ads from multiple ad accounts without getting banned.

⧠ Saves time as any monotonous work can be automated. 

⧠ Offers an easy-to-understand interface for both professionals and first-time users.

⧠ Anti-fingerprint features. Facebook & Google won't know its traffic from the same source.

And that's just the stuff I discovered while looking at the dashboard!

This tool has many features crammed into it, making it one of the finest multi-profile browser software I've seen, but there is nonetheless one minor disadvantage that I'll address later.

Best Use Cases for Logii 

The Logii App has many applications.

E-commerce: You can have numerous merchant accounts on the same or different eCommerce platforms. This may be accomplished with just one PC and multiple browser profiles. This lowers commercial risk because you'll have a greater chance of selling items.

Social Media Marketing: Manage hundreds of social media accounts simultaneously while also optimizing marketing campaigns.

Web Scraping: You can run more tasks faster with Logii virtual profiles, and this is because these virtual personas use less computer power.

Advertising Analysis: Examine, compare and control the quality and effectiveness of advertising. Comparing advertisements' effectiveness across profiles with varying geo-locations

Price comparison: You may compare the pricing of retail items in various geographic locations as a buyer or seller. This, too, necessitates the use of a proxy for geo-targeting.

Self-testing: You may use the same computer to test your system's security and privacy status. It will appear to be using a different machine with a virtual profile.

Brand Protection: Use distinctive natural settings to prevent anyone from illegally misusing your brand.

Affiliate marketing: To enhance your chances of earning returns as an affiliate marketer, you may establish numerous ad accounts and run several campaigns.


What does it cost?

Logii is more affordable than any alternative. 8x cheaper than VPS, 10x cheaper than competing multi-login browsers. 

Logii Browser Elite Monthly - $31

Logii Browser Elite One-Time - $42

Logii includes comprehensive training as well. You're only halfway there with just a tool, and the key to success is knowing what to do with it.

You don't just receive Logii once you buy it; you also get the roadmap when you do. They will show you what to do with Logii to entice your audience to purchase from you.

When you get the Logii browser at a special price today, we will give you a free upgrade to a Commercial License. You may run personalization campaigns for other businesses and charge them a one-time or recurring fee, as long as you have the original license sitting on your computer.

There are several techniques to make money with this. You may engage clients and offer outreach as a service or sell leads.

Any upsells?

Yes, there are currently five upsells. You don't need all of them to use Logii, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

Logii Pro - $97-$127

The powerful Logii Pro upgrade adds amazing features to Logii. Mainly it is the Unlimited Accounts feature, and I would highly recommend you grab this OTO1.

Logii Agency - $127-$197

Sell Logii yourself and keep all the profits. Interesting idea, but not necessarily needed unless you do affiliate marketing to this niche or have clients that might need a quality multi-account browser.

Adplify Pro - $67

7-in-1 Platform to help you run better ads on Facebook. Better targeting, competitor monitoring, and more. I have not tested this product, so I can't make any specific recommendations on this one. I skipped this one myself.

SellitPics Pro + Mighty Memes Pro - $67

Create automated hyper-personalized image messages + Go viral with powerful meme marketing. Same as the previous, and I skipped this one in favor of using Canva and Placeit.

Addresponse + Leads2list - $67

Speed up your sales by removing negative comments + grabbing leads from Facebook. This is an interesting product idea, and I have not reviewed it yet, and it might be worth checking out if you build a leads list.


The Bad

— So far, there is none.

The Good

— Easy to use

— Glitch free

—  100% Newbie-Friendly Easy-To-Use Software!

The Awesome

— Includes Powerful Training 

— One-Time Accounts & Agency Rights Included

— One-time payment only – no monthly fees!



Thank you for taking the time to read my Logii Review! I hope that I was able to assist you in your purchasing decision.

There has been a lot of multi-login and anti-detection browser software in the past, but I haven't seen one that makes the process as quick and straightforward as Logii. It's surprisingly glitch-free (most low-cost tools are buggy as hell) and has several cool features.

Logii is a "must-have" tool for privacy-conscious individuals and online marketing, web data mining, and web PR specialists. Logii provides anonymity, complete confidentiality, browser fingerprints replacement, and the ability to operate with many accounts simultaneously on one computer.

Each browser profile in Logii is assigned a different browser environment, with distinct cookies, local storage, and even cache.

There is nothing in common with the other profiles. Now, websites that attempt to fingerprint your browser and put you out of business can't accomplish it.

The commercial license is the cherry on top. Vendors usually charge for this, so it's a tremendous value-added bonus. In my opinion, the different professional website provided as part of the package is just over-delivery.

The best part is that when you buy Logii, you get more than just a tool; you also get a roadmap. They'll show you how to utilize Logii to generate demand for your products. Every buyer receives the training as part of the front end, so there's no need to worry about that.

The creator of Logii, Cyril Gupta, is a well-known internet entrepreneur and best-selling author who has over ten years of expertise. He previously launched worldwide hits such as Adplify, CloudFunnels, Coursefunnels, Webinarloop, Mailengine, and many others.

The best thing is that they keep and develop their software regularly. So, in the following months, you can anticipate more functionality and support for additional features.

He's known for creating high-quality professional solutions, and I expect no less from Logii. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Tap this link to see Logii in Action!



I asked Cyril to answer these questions...


What is the difference between the FE "Elite" and OTO1 "Pro" and the Pro DS1?

  • Elite - is limited to 10 account profiles that you can create
  • Pro - Unlimited
  • Pro Trial - $1 trial, 15 days later, %97 is charged same features as Pro

Are All these LTD during the launch?


Cyril mentioned WebShareProxy - which plan do you use with the software?

I use the Proxy Server - Datacenter proxy types... For 100 USA proxies, I pay only $5/month

Are these full chrome browsers for each project or a hybrid?

This is Chromium... so it's Chrome.

Would you recommend installing on a VPS if I want to share the "profile management" with my VA team? or install it on 2 computers?

You don't need to install on VPS... If you connect with a proxy, you can export the profile and give it to your team on their computer.

What other costs are involved with this software?

Just the proxies... I spend $5/month


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