10 Fresh Ideas for Your Next Joint Venture

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10 Fresh Ideas for Your Next Joint Venture

When some people think of a joint venture, they immediately think of two marketers co-endorsing each other’s products, often for a cut of the profits. In other words, glorified affiliates.

Sure, that’s one way to partner up for mutual benefits with others in your niche. But there are so many other ways to do it that you’ll miss out on traffic, subscribers, and customers if you don’t implement some of the following ideas.

Let’s start with the familiar one…

Co-Endorse Each Other

Here’s where you swap endorsements with your partner on your respective platforms, including:

  • Your mailing lists.
  • Your blogs.
  • Your social media platforms.

You can do a one-time endorsement, or you can create a semi-permanent endorsement (such as a link and call to action for your partner in your blog sidebar and at the end of every email.)

Swap Download Page Links

The idea here is to swap links on your email-list confirmation/thank you page, as well as your product download pages. For example:

  • You can promote your partner’s email list on your email confirmation page, and you can promote your partner’s product on your product download page.


Exchange Links in Lead Magnets

Another good way to advertise each other is by swapping promos and links within your lead magnet. You can use your affiliate links to promote your partner’s offer if you each have affiliate programs.

Do Guest Content

The idea here is to create a guest article, which your partner can then post on their blog, in their newsletter, and on social media. Your partner can then send you an exclusive piece of content for you to publish on your platforms.

Share Costs on an Advertisement 

If your partner is offering products or services that complement yours, you can share the cost of an ad. This could be a Facebook ad, Google ad, or even an offline ad.

Create Ridealongs

If you and your partner sell physical products, then you can include flyers or coupons in each other’s shipments.

Do a Webinar Together

The idea here is to do a webinar with one or more partners. If everyone promotes the webinar, you’ll get vast viewership and distribution.

Do an Offline JV

Be sure to look offline for potential JV partners. For example, someone in a dog training niche can partner with a dog-supplies store and do something like offer a free in-store dog-training workshop.

Run a Contest Together

You can create a prize package together, promote the contest together, and share the resulting list. Win-win!

Create a Product Together

Finally, one other excellent joint venture is to create a product with your partner. This is especially beneficial if you’re just getting started in a niche, as partnering with well-known people in your niche can boost your status and credibility.


Next Steps

As you can see, there are a whole lot of ways to do joint ventures with other business owners and marketers in your niche – and this is by no means a comprehensive list! Do some brainstorming right now to see what sort of fantastic ideas you can come up with, and then talk to your joint venture partners about these new ways to grow your respective businesses!

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