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10 Fresh Ideas for Your Next Joint Venture

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10 Fresh Ideas for Your Next Joint Venture

When some people think of a joint venture, they immediately think of two marketers co-endorsing each other’s products, often for a cut of the profits. In other words, glorified affiliates.

Sure, that’s one way to partner up for mutual benefits with others in your niche. But there are so many other ways to do it that you’ll miss out on traffic, subscribers, and customers if you don’t implement some of the following ideas.

Let’s start with the familiar one…

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Growth Hacking: More Traffic, More Customers through Integrations

If you’ve never considered integrating your business with another service or product that your customers are already using, you might want to take notice of this trend.

Companies and entrepreneurs are teaming up with non-competing entities to reach the same customers, massively increase traffic and sales and keep their customers around for much longer.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Know who your customers are.

If you don’t know who your customers are, then there’s no...

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How to Get Plenty of Affiliates with Zero Hassle

As anyone who’s tried it knows, recruiting affiliates for a product launch can be a real pain. 

Some affiliates have large egos and even bigger demands for your time and your money. 

“I want a bigger commission.” (They ask this no matter how much you’re paying, btw. I think they read it in an affiliate how-to manual.) 

“I want you to promote my products to your list in return for me promoting your product.” (Now you ...

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