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Podcast Producers: Apple and Spotify Launch Paid Subscriptions

You can now ask your faithful fans to support your podcast by charging monthly fees through Spotify or Apple. You can even get 100% of the subscriber income for the first two years.

These are just three possible ways to use it:

  • You can keep your podcast, but you can also offer bonus content for paid subscribers. Want even more? Get more? Upgrade now and join our inner circle.
  • For paid subscribers, launch an ad-free version of your show. You want an ad-free experience. Register here.
  • Pay...
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How to Double Your Income with this Simple Little Notebook Trick

Anytime and every time you do anything in your business, write it down.

Found a new resource? A new shortcut? A new market? Had a brilliant idea? Or even a crazy idea? Write it all down.

If you try something and it works, write it down. If it didn’t work, write that down, too.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is. The point is to keep track of everything you do in your business.

Then when something pays off big, you have three options:

  1. Follow the steps in your notebook to...
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How to Build a Real Business Right Now

This is for everyone who has procrastinated on building an at home business and suddenly finds they have the time and the inclination to do it…

…but the thought of creating products, building funnels and recruiting affiliates is just too much.

Step 1: Pick a small, hot niche. Weight loss for women is too big.

Weight loss for women over 50 who work from home and hate dieting and workouts might be good.

Step 2: Write your compelling story. This is YOUR story of why YOU are in this...

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10 Inspiring Ways to Generate Profitable Business Ideas


Internet marketing or online marketing are the vehicles to take a business big. But first, you need a business idea.

True, you can basically copy other businesses – information marketing, for example – and do fine.

But if you want a HUGE business with a brand that stands apart from all the rest, then you need not just the same idea as someone else, but an even better idea.

Here then are X ways to generate profitable business ideas. Who knows – your next million-dollar...

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