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Does Kunaki Still Work For Online Businesses?

Remember when everyone was so excited to use a service such as Kunaki to create real, tangible CDs and DVDs and have them shipped out?

Yeah, I know that was a few years ago.

And since then, I think many marketers have decided that tangible products are too much work.

But guess what?

Now more than ever, if you want to stand apart from everyone else in your niche and if you want to charge real money (BIG MONEY) for your products, then sending out actual hold-in-your-hands products makes good...

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Case Study: Make Money No Matter WHAT The Market Does

This one is clever and a bit sinister, and frankly, maybe I shouldn’t love it, but I do.

The gal who does this specializes in the stock market, but this will work in any financial market. Think Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies, every stock market, commodities market, gold and silver, rare coins… anything that people invest in making money.

Here’s what Jill did…

She bought several books on the stock market. These were current books that were published within...

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10 Scientifically Proven Ways to Sell More Stuff with Less Effort

It’s the ultimate marketing dream: Press a button, send an email, and money comes pouring into your bank account.

But before that can happen, a lot of work needs to go into things like finding or creating the right products for the right audience, finding that audience, and then convincing them they want to buy what you want to sell.

Which is where we jump in today – how do you convince people to buy? How can persuasiveness become second nature to you so that no matter what you do...

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Pro Video Marketers Newsletter #15 - Lead Generation Tips for Video Marketers

Newsletter 15 (Web Version)
Pro Video Marketing Tips #15
Lead Generation Tips
This edition is all about Lead Generation strategies for Video Marketers. I have included a special report on a 4-step strategyto find and capture new leads for clients.

Plus I added several great articles on lead generation for video marketers.

And lastly, I give you my best recommendation on a lead capture system that I use for both affiliate marketing and lead generation.

Happy Holidays
Damon Nelson
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