Does Kunaki Still Work For Online Businesses?

Remember when everyone was so excited to use a service such as Kunaki to create real, tangible CDs and DVDs and have them shipped out?

Yeah, I know that was a few years ago.

And since then, I think many marketers have decided that tangible products are too much work.

But guess what?

Now more than ever, if you want to stand apart from everyone else in your niche and if you want to charge real money (BIG MONEY) for your products, then sending out actual hold-in-your-hands products makes good sense.

There's something special about receiving an actual physical product because it's something tangible. People think of tangible products as having more value than digital products, which means they will pay more, too.

And here's something you may not have thought of before: With digital information products, the higher the price point, the more refund requests you'll get. It's just how it works.

To combat this refunding phenomenon, marketers gradually have to dispense the information over time. For example, a product might have 12 sections, and each section is distributed on the first or the fifteenth. The guarantee only extends for, say, 60 days. So if a person refunds, they only get sections one through four.

But the problem with this is your actual customers, the ones who have zero intention of refunding, are frustrated because they're forced to wait a ridiculously long time for the same content and information they purchased in good faith and want right now.

The solution is simple: Create a genuine, tangible product shipped out.

You can command a higher price because it is viewed as having more value. You get fewer refund requests because it's a pain to return a tangible item.

And something magical happens, too…

In my experience, you'll get more positive feedback and glowing reviews with the tangible product.

People are excited to receive a REAL product in the mail. They tear it open, and they start USING it.

And then they contact you to tell you how excited they are and how much they love your product.

Contrast that with digital products. Most people don't dive right into a digital product for some reason. They feel like just buying it is making progress toward their goal, and they tell themselves they'll look at it later. And often, they never do.

Then a couple of weeks or a month goes by, and they have forgotten all about why they bought your product. They know now that they have this $297 charge on their credit card that they don't want to pay.

And so they ask you for a refund.

In my experience, tangible products get used far more than digital products, and the product creator winds up with far fewer refund requests.

And fulfilling orders of physical products can be just as easy as selling digital products if you use a service such as Kunaki.

You upload your audio or video files to the website by following their simple instructions, click a couple of buttons, and you're ready to start sending out products to anyone anywhere in the world.

Remember that duplication and distribution services don't master your product for you. They don't change it, improve it or do anything other than duplicate it and mail it. That's why you want to edit sound or pictures before sending your files to them.

Plenty of services will take your digital content and turn it into CDs or DVDs and ship it out for you. But I want to talk specifically about Kunaki for one reason.

With Kunaki, you can include an insert inside the CD or DVD case at no extra cost. And on this insert, you can include an "Online access code" whereby they can unlock the content to watch online.

Or you might even offer exclusive bonus content when they use that code.

The whole idea is you can sell your tangible products, have Kunaki ship them out for you, and then collect the customer's email address when they use that code.

You could even sell your products in-store using this method and still build your buyers' email list.

And since Kunaki prints on-demand, you can personalize each of the inserts if you want to.

If you're wondering if this works, look at the music industry. They use this exact technique of including a download code with many of their physical products.

Another thing I love about Kunaki is they shrink-wrap the CD or DVD case. When someone tears open the shrink-wrap, you can say the product is used, and they cannot return it. This all but eliminates the problem of people opening it to get the download code and then trying to initiate a refund.

Look, I know that digital products are drop-dead easy, and it's what you're probably accustomed to creating. But any digital product can be repurposed into a physical product and sold in that form.

Just imagine your product sitting on the shelves of hundreds or even thousands of your customers' home offices worldwide. Imagine each time they see your product; they are reminded of you, of your name, and of how much they learned from that product.

And the next time you come out with a new product, who do you think will be the first ones to buy it?

I'm guessing the customers consider you to be a 'household' name.

Heck, you might not even need a sales letter next time.  

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