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Guaranteed Profits BEFORE You Launch Using the T-Spring Sales Method

This isn’t about selling t-shirts, but rather the lesson we can learn from t-shirt sellers that will put money in our pocket before creating the product.

When you sell shirts on T-Spring, you’re not committed to investing any money until you have the orders in hand.

Let’s say your goal is to sell 50 t-shirts at $15 apiece. You advertise on social media, and buyers commit to purchasing the actual shirts. But until you reach the 50 order mark, or whatever number you’ve...

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How to NEVER Feel Slimy When Selling

On or off the internet, you are always selling something to someone. 

Maybe you’re selling your parents on why they should pay for your college. 

Or you’re selling your spouse on why they should let you take that trip with your friends. 

Or you’re selling your boss on what a great employee you are, and how you should get a BIG raise starting NOW. 

We even sell little things, like getting our kids to go to bed, getting the newspaper carrier to deliver our...

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