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Make Your Email Subject Clickable with these 57 Teaser Prompts

Hopefully, you’re sending 6 or 7 emails to your list each week for maximum exposure, relationship building, and sales.

But if you are, you already know the greatest obstacle – coming up with new ideas on what to put in your emails.

Here is a list of writing prompts you can use to help you find ideas and keep your emails interesting and relevant.

After all, the better your emails, the more likely they are to be consistently opened, read, and acted upon.

Here we go…

  1. A list...
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5 Keys to Creating Content that Makes Sales

How would you like every piece of content you create to be your sales agent? Imagine if every article, post or video you created led to more subscribers and more sales… how awesome would that be?

Here are 5 keys to writing content that makes people want to read it, use it and buy from it.

1: Create Numbered Headlines that Make People Want to Consume Your Content

The first step to writing profitable content is to make sure it gets read by your audience. This means you need a headline...

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Turn Tiny Products into Expensive Courses with the Double Chocolate Macaroon Method

My organic grocery store sells several different kinds of prepackaged coconut macaroons. The cookies come in bags or canisters, and the weight tends to be around 12 to 16 ounces.

But for the same price, you can buy a bag that weighs just 5 ounces.

Care to guess which one is the biggest seller?

It’s the 5-ounce bag, and here’s how they manage to sell less than half as much for a price as high as the others:

First, the product is top-notch double (DOUBLE!) chocolate, for crying out...

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6 Simple Words that Could Change How You Sell Products Forever!

6 Magic Words that Sell More Products

You’re writing an email.

Or you’re creating a lead magnet.

Or maybe it’s a blogpost.

Whatever it is, somewhere in there you’re talking about how to do something.

Step 1, Step 2 and so forth.

  • How to Double Your Traffic
  • How to Get More Free-Spending Clients
  • How to Grow 100 Pound Purple and Pink Pumpkins

You’re telling the reader what to do and how to do it. You’re sharing your methods and your resources.

And when you...

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The 20 Minute Self-Liquidating 71% Conversion Rate Squeeze Page

Imagine a squeeze page that takes you 20 minutes to put together, including the lead magnet.

Imagine this page converts at something close to 71%.

And now imagine you can buy unlimited traffic to your squeeze page because the paid traffic pays for itself.

How many new subscribers would you like today? This week? This year?

The key to a high converting squeeze page is to offer something so outstanding. People are more than eager to enter their email address to get that prized item.

You could...

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How to Raise Prices without Angering Customers

How to Raise Prices without Angering Customers

And How to Lower Prices Without Previous Customers Throwing a Fit

I once knew a marketer who wouldn’t lower his prices no matter what. He lived in constant terror that old customers would be mad that the course they bought last month or last year for $197 now cost $97. Heck, they might even demand a refund of the price difference. I’m pretty sure he imagined that every one of his customers was sitting at the computer just waiting for...

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6 Bullet Point Tips

1: Just like a headline, each bullet point should express a clear benefit.

2: When possible, keep your bullet points symmetrical. Make them all one line each, or two lines. Use short headlines of 1-4 words for each one, or don’t use headlines, and so forth. This makes it easier on the eyes and easier to read.

3: Keep your bullets clean and uncluttered. Without exception they must always be easy to read, or why even bother using bullet points?

4: Each section of bullet points should have...

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15 Secrets of Persuasion to Help You Sell More Online

Persuasion is convincing someone to do something. Great persuasion is convincing them it’s their idea to do it.

The human brain can be influenced through its three systems of…

  • primal (sex)
  • emotions (empathy)
  • rationalization (logic)

When marketing is truly working, it’s appealing to all three of these systems simultaneously.

The classic recipe to do this seems almost too simple to work: First, you use images to trigger the primal brain. Second, you use empathy and a good...

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Subliminal Sales Conversion Techniques that Helps Build Customer Trust

You’re driving through strange new lands to a destination you’ve never seen. Sometimes you go for miles without seeing anything that indicates you’re even on the right road. Then finally, a sign appears, telling you that your destination is up ahead. If you’re like most people, when you see this sign, you immediately relax. You feel better because you’ve been reassured that you’re traveling in the right direction, and your reward is close.

If you think of...

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