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10 Page Tweaks that Massively Increase Conversions

Some of these are so commonly known; you’ve probably heard of them before.

But the real question is, are you doing them?

Others are less known but crazy effective.

And all of these have been tested and proven on working landing pages and elsewhere.

Ready? Let’s get started…


1: Add a call to action within each section.

If your landing page is long enough to scroll, it needs multiple calls to action. Each section should provide a button the prospect can click to...

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How to Move Your Site Without Losing Your Mind

Site migration refers to any situation in which a website experiences significant areas of change that could significantly impact search engine visibility. This includes changing the site's platform, location, structure, and so forth.

Imagine that you are planning to move your website to another platform, change the domain name, or implement HTTPS. These can all be great business decisions and might even work well. Then you realize that there is something wrong. No one is visiting your...

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7 Mistakes You’re Making on Your ‘About Me’ Page

page design web design Feb 23, 2021

A good ‘About Me’ Page doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. In fact, it just needs to communicate a few key things - yet people keep making these same 7 mistakes over and over again on their About Pages. 

1: Surprise! Your ‘About Me’ Page isn’t about you.

Nope. It’s about the person who visits the page. This is where you tell that person why they should bother with you, or products or your site.

Talk about their problems which you solve.


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Updating Your Ugly and Out-of-Date 404 Error Pages

A 404 Error Page is what a visitor sees (or should see) when they land on a page that is no longer there. Some links go bad over time because products get removed, or content gets deleted. Or maybe there are changes in the permalink structure, or gremlins ate the page. It can happen. It DOES happen. 

And there was a time when your 404 Error page could say anything or nothing at all.  

But it’s time to wake up because 1995 is long gone. 

If you’re still using...

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Weird Website Trick Increases Conversions in Any Market

You’re going to think this is too simple to work.

Big mistake.

Certain website designs attract certain target markets. The design that attracts gardeners, for example, is going to be different than the design that attracts electrical engineers.

Knowing this, the question becomes, “How do you design a website that you KNOW will attract your target market like no other?”

And how do you do this without a lot of market research, testing, trial and error and so forth?


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