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Why Do Most JVZoo Products Fail?

Some marketers get lucky and hit a home run with their first product, then wonder why their second, third, and fourth products don’t sell.

Or they never do create a successful product, despite following the advice that they should “create products that solve problems.”

They found a problem. They solved it. But the solution they found isn’t selling.

Log into JVZoo or Warrior and look at all the products that have sold 10 copies or less.

Assuming these products were...

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Here is How to Double Sales with These Three Magic Words

If you’re in the internet and online marketing niche, then I’ve got three words for you that increase sales – sometimes as much as doubling sales.

There are a LOT of new people entering the online marketing realm every day of the week. They come seeking ways to make money from their computer. Maybe they want to quit their job, maybe they want to strike it rich, or maybe it’s just a hobby. Doesn’t matter.

More and more, what these new marketers seem to be looking...

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Turn Tiny Products into Expensive Courses with the Double Chocolate Macaroon Method

My organic grocery store sells several different kinds of prepackaged coconut macaroons. The cookies come in bags or canisters, and the weight tends to be around 12 to 16 ounces.

But for the same price, you can buy a bag that weighs just 5 ounces.

Care to guess which one is the biggest seller?

It’s the 5-ounce bag, and here’s how they manage to sell less than half as much for a price as high as the others:

First, the product is top-notch double (DOUBLE!) chocolate, for crying out...

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An IM Lesson from a Hollywood Has-Been

If I told you his name, you would probably recognize it. You might even wonder whatever happened to him.

For a while, he was the hottest thing in Hollywood. Every movie he did turned to gold. He was fawned over by Hollywood producers, and everyone either wanted to be him, to sleep with him, or cast him as the star in their next movie.

But all of this fame went straight to his head. He drank too much and did too many drugs.

And worst of all, he thought he was the greatest thing on the planet.

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