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Marketing Persuasion 2.0

5 MORE Scientifically Proven Ways to Sell More Stuff with Less Effort

Last month I gave you ten ways to be more persuasive and sell more stuff.

This month we continue the series with five more ways to persuade your prospects to become your customers, including a method for completely changing a person's mind, which is not always an easy thing to do.

And you can use these methods in your personal life, too. Want to convince your kid to do his chores without protesting or your spouse to agree...

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The 10 Unbreakable Rules Personal Branding

Personal branding refers to the deliberate and deliberate effort to build and alter the public's perceptions of an individual, making them experts in their field and thereby enhancing their credibility.

Branding is the way to get noticed and not forgotten.

It's what separates you from the rest of the pack.

In contrast to most marketers on the internet, You must control your brand rather than thinking that it will magically transform itself.



Rule #1: Be Memorable.

It is essential...

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