16 Ways to Give Away a Free Report to Increase Subscribers

: Use Paid Advertising

This method isn’t free, but it is highly effective and does produce as much targeted traffic as you’re willing to pay for.

In fact, you can literally create an ad and be receiving traffic today.

You might use Facebook ads or Google ads, choosing highly targeted long-tail keywords. Be sure to test and track to get the best response.

Or you might do content syndication on sites like Outbrain, creating an overview article and linking to your free report. The article is then syndicated, and traffic is on its way.

Or you could advertise on niche sites. This could be banner advertising, solo ads or even contextual ads. You can contact sites directly and see what they’re willing to do.


Choose one of these methods to get your report in front of as many targeted readers as possible, and then add methods until you’re getting the kind of traffic you want.

Not every method will work in every case, so by all means track and test everything.

And consider creating multiple reports. This way you can cross-promote your current free report from inside all of your other free reports.

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