3 Step Profits: Watch News - Deploy Report - Make Money

Here’s a simple little case study that you can employ in almost any niche.

This gal I know writes simple little reports that are evergreen. Example topics might be:

  • How to build a sales funnel using other people’s products
  • How to build a Facebook Group of 3,000 in 60 days and earn $10,000 a month
  • How to build a simple membership site and get 25 new members every month, regardless of price

You get the picture, but again, this could work in almost any niche. The reports are purposely generic when she writes them and the content is evergreen, meaning it doesn’t need a lot of updating in months and years to come.

Then she watches to see what’s happening in the news. Maybe Google has an SEO update, or there is a huge launch for a list building product, or it’s reported that Facebook fan pages aren’t working as well as they used to… it doesn’t really matter.

When she sees a news item she wants to capitalize on, she pulls out the appropriate report and customizes it to the situation. For example, it’s reported that Facebook advertising is becoming more difficult or expensive, so she updates her report on Bing advertising. Some big name is launching a $1000 product on building funnels, so she gets out her funnel report and so forth.

She changes the title to suit the situation. Google is acting up and marketers are afraid their incomes are in jeopardy? She’ll retitle her traffic report to something like, “How to Dump Google and Build a Steady Stream of Buyers from Instagram.” Then she’ll tailor the report to sell a $500 Instagram marketing course. She’ll sell the report or give it away, depending on her goal.

Often the reports are relaunched to go with a major product launch, and other times it’s to help people with a change in marketing.

In some cases she’s deployed essentially the same reports a half dozen times with different headlines and different end goals.

Sometimes she’s just list building, sometimes promoting a specific product (and list building) and sometimes she’s simply selling the report (and list building.)

I could try to make this sound more complicated, but that’s really all there is to it. The key is to watch the news and figure out how you want to monetize whatever change or ‘crisis’ is in the air. Speed is paramount, and since 95% of the writing is already done, she can see the first report of some new development on Monday evening and have the new report out Tuesday morning.

All you need is a stack of generic reports that can be tweaked and adapted to generate income on the back of the latest hot topic or industry change.

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