30 Minute Micro-Memberships with NO Product

You can add a super easy micro-recurring membership to your income in about 30 minutes, start to finish.

This assumes you already have some sort of product you’re selling as well as the ability to do a ‘bump’ upsell on the order form or create an upsell page.

A bump upsell is where you add a product to your order page with a tick box. The customer clicks the box to add the item to their order, and that’s it – it’s added with one click.

If your payment processor doesn’t allow that, you can add an upsell page that appears after your customer purchases your product.

Your micro-membership typically won’t have a product, although it certainly could be a newsletter or something you send out every so often. But the easiest, fastest way to add this micro-membership to your sales funnel is to offer something that takes almost no preparation, such as support.

Let’s say you’re selling a product on how to do something. Of course, you already answer your customers' questions, but if they want more in-depth help, they can sign up for your support membership.

You can charge this membership by the month or by the year. Typically, it’s going to be a low price, and in this case, billing annually will likely make you more money.

Then again, maybe you’re selling a course that lasts for 12 weeks. Then you might offer a monthly membership that runs for 4 to 6 months for any questions they might have.

If you sell software, you might provide support to your customers and resellers in case they encounter any problems.

By offering a priority, more in-depth email support service for your product or course, you’ll likely make many sales without doing any hard selling. A reasonable price might be $10 a month or $97 annually, adjusted for whatever it is that you’re offering.

If you’re selling a hundred copies a month of your product and one-third of those sales opt into your micro-continuity at $10, you’re looking at an extra $330 a month. Sell a thousand copies, and you see this becomes real money.

You might think you’ll have to spend a lot of time servicing your customers, but most people will never use the service. If they do, often, they simply want reassurance they’re doing the right thing. And you can always outsource your customer service to a knowledgeable, trusted assistant.

This won’t make you rich, but it does add a nice bit of income with almost no set up whatsoever – maybe 30 minutes of your time – and there’s one more benefit…

…you can backdoor sales of your great products. The customers who email you with questions will sooner or later need more help than you can give them via support. That’s when you suggest they purchase your high-end program.

Even if you only sell one extra copy of your $1000 program every month because of the rapport, you build through your micro-continuity program, that’s still an extra $12,000 a year.

It always amazes me how opening one door in online marketing nearly always results in more doors opening by themselves.

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