Do You Hate Paying for Advertising?

advertising strategies Aug 14, 2020

It’s great when we can use free advertising to make sales, right?

Like when affiliates send you traffic.

Oh, wait… you have to PAY those affiliates.

Okay, but when you do guest posting, and appear on podcasts, and haunt forums and do all those other things that are free…

Except all of that takes TIME. And it may – or may not – send you the traffic you seek.


What if we thought of advertising as an investment?

Let’s say you invest in real estate: You might make 5% to 20% yearly returns on your capital, right? Of course, there are things like property taxes and maintenance that eat into that.

Or you could lend money to others and charge 10-20% interest. But what are you going to do if people don’t pay you back, break their legs?

Okay, you could buy a business. You’ll need a big (BIG!) down payment and either a paid manager or 40-60 hours per week of your own time to run the place.

Then there’s the stock market. Win some, lose some… better buy the blue-chip stocks to be safe. That’s about 6% per year. I hope you’re either very young and willing to wait a long time to see your money grow, or you have a lot of money to invest right now.

Then there are ads. Little bitty ads on Facebook, YouTube, Adwords, etc.

You place an ad – depending on what you’re selling, you might spend $50 a day. But you have a system in place, and that $50 yields $50 in immediate return and another $100 for the next couple of weeks or months.

In other words, you invest $50, you get back your $50, and you make another $100 within two months, like clockwork.

What are you selling?

Courses, info products, services… whatever it is you want to sell. Maybe you already have a brick and mortar business, and you’re getting new customers this way.

What other investment will give you a return like this? Because if you know of one, I sure want to hear about it.

“But I don’t know what to sell or how to sell it.”

Fair enough. Pick something. Choose a niche where there is a lot of money to be made that you find at least somewhat interesting.

Got it?

Now go on a quest. Find out what other people are selling in this niche and how they’re selling it. Take an entire week to do this. Make lots of notes.

At the end of that week, you should have a long list of affiliate products you can promote as well as ideas for your products and services.

Pick one and get started.

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