Here is Super Simple Business Model for Content Creators


This will only work if you like to write emails and create products, or whether you're able to outsource email composing and product development.

But this is so straightforward and clean; I thought it's worth mentioning.
There is a gal I know who never, actually promotes affiliate merchandise to her list. She just won't do it.

Rather, she only promotes her products.
Every day she writes and sends out a new email to her list.
Then when she is done marketing that one, she'll proceed to another one for 3 days to 5 times.

She is continually creating new products, and she promotes exactly the same products multiple times.

Let's say she's got 20 products. If she promotes each one for 4 days, then she doesn't repeat a product promotion for 80 days.

She has no complicated autoresponder sequences, since she doesn't need them.
And her mails are conversational and fun to see.
Her readers never know what to expect in another email, but they always know it's going to be entertaining.

Her conversion prices are large, her returns are next to zero, and her record enjoys her because she does not bombard them with affiliate products.

If creating 10 or 20 or even more products is scary for you, it might work best to focus on one at a time and set a goal to create a new one each week. You can presell them to a list, too, so you know which ones will probably be hot sellers and which ones you shouldn't waste your time on.

She's also offers coaching, and she does quite well with this, too. It is another item inside her rotation. She sells a monthly newsletter.

New for her list are exposed to all of her products in the first 2 to 3 months. If they don't buy something the first time, they often buy it the second or third time it's encouraged to them.

And she never promotes the same product in the exact same manner. Every email is new and fresh and often attached into the events of the day.

She doesn't do that I might suggest is to provide her best-selling products to affiliates to market. But again, I think she really enjoys her body's simplicity and doesn't wish to manage affiliates, so more power to her.

Plus, her list knows that the ONLY way that they can get her products is straight through her.

I'm running out of things to tell you about her system because it is that easy. Enjoy writing emails and producing products, and you do not need the hassle and rivalry of selling affiliate products. This simple system may be just what you've been on the lookout for in today's shiny object world.

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