Highest Paying ClickBank Recurring Programs in the Relationship Niche

Don’t you just love programs where you make the sale once and get paid over and over again?

These are the highest paying recurring billing affiliate programs on Clickbank in the relationship niche. Even during a pandemic, relationship info is HOT and people will pay top money to discover the secrets to having and keeping a relationship. The ‘average rebill’ amounts you see below are straight from Clickbank, and I have to admit the first one knocked my socks off. $2500? WOW! Even just a couple of these a month would be an awesome second income.

Just a note: I am in no way endorsing any of these programs, so please do your own research and only recommend programs you trust. That said, in my opinion there are at least several programs here that are totally awesome and well worth promoting to start earning yourself some long-term residual income.

  • Men’s Confidence Project

Average Rebill Amount: $2512.69

Product: http://www.mensconfidenceproject.com/confidence/

Affiliate signup: http://mensconfidenceproject.com/affiliates


  • Text That Girl

Average Rebill Amount: $1018.84

Product: https://www.textthatgirl.com/?r_done=1

Affiliate signup: https://www.jvfunmedia.com/


  • The Women Men Adore

Average Rebill Amount: $1007.20

Product: https://womanmenadore.net/video_presentation.php

Affiliate signup: https://womanmenadore.net/affiliates/index.php


  • Healthy You Healthy Love

Average Rebill Amount: $515.80

Product: https://healthyyouhealthylove.com/

Affiliate signup: https://healthyyouhealthylove.com/affiliates/


  • Never Lose Him

Average Rebill Amount: $493.38

Product: http://neverlosehim.com/

Affiliate signup: http://healthyyouhealthylove.com/affiliates.php


  • The Tao Of Badass

Average Rebill Amount: $410.32

Product: https://thetaoofbadass.com/special/special-002/index-girl.php

Affiliate signup: http://www.badassjv.com/


  • Secrets to Seducing Latin Women

Average Rebill Amount: $407.41

Product: https://keystoseducinglatinwomen.com/free-report

Affiliate signup: http://seducinglatinwomen.com/affiliates/


  • Bulletproof Seduction

Average Rebill Amount: $388.29

Product: http://www.bulletproofseduction.com/

Affiliate signup: http://www.bulletproofseduction.com/affiliates/index2.shtml


  • The T8 System

Average Rebill Amount: $388.29

Product: https://www.t8system.com/sales-video19174549

Affiliate signup: https://www.t8system.com/affs


  • The Devotion System

Average Rebill Amount: $360.07

Product: https://www.devotionsystem.com/video/welcome2.php

Affiliate signup: http://www.devotionjv.com/


  • Secrets Men Don't Want Women To Know

Average Rebill Amount: $355.50

Product: http://whyhelies.com/

Affiliate signup: http://digitalromanceaffiliates.com/offer/ss/


  • How Do I Get Him Back

Average Rebill Amount: $354.84

Product: https://howdoigethimback.com/index.php

Affiliate signup: http://www.relationshipheadquarters.net/aff/ghb-affiliate.htm


  • Save The Marriage System

Average Rebill Amount: $342.16

Product: https://savethemarriage.com/

Affiliate signup: http://www.savethemarriage.com/affiliatesignup.html


  • Save My Marriage Today

Average Rebill Amount: $302.38

Product: http://www.savemymarriagetoday.com/

Affiliate signup: Http://www.savemymarriagetoday.com/affiliates.php


  • BJ Power Play

Average Rebill Amount: $274.42

Product: https://dailysupreme.com/trends/mens/bjpp/L1avl.php

Affiliate signup: http://gobeyonddating.com/affiliates


  • Wrap Him Around Your Finger

Product: https://wraphimaroundyourfinger.com/

Average Rebill Amount: $246.05

Affiliate signup: http://www.angiejv.com/


  • The Bonding Stages

Product: https://www.thebondingstages.com/

Average Rebill Amount: $205.71

Affiliate signup: https://thebondingstages.com/affiliates/index.html


  • Modern Love

Average Rebill Amount: $202.24

Product: http://relationshipinnergame.com/quiz/

Affiliate signup: https://modernlove.life/affiliates/


  • Wing Girl Secrets

Average Rebill Amount: $189.29

Product: http://www.winggirlsecrets.com/

Affiliate signup: http://www.winggirlsecrets.com/affiliates.html


  • How To Kiss A Man

Average Rebill Amount: $189.29

Product: https://kissingmagic.com/

Affiliate signup: http://XXX.howtokiss.hop.clickbank.net/ Replace XXX with your Clickbank ID to create your affiliate link.


  • Mend The Marriage

Average Rebill Amount: $151.39

Product: http://mendthemarriage.com/buy/welcome/

Affiliate signup: www.marriageprofits.com


  • Text Chemistry

Average Rebill Amount: $150.47

Product: https://www.textchemistry.com/video/welcome.php

Affiliate signup: http://affiliates.lovelearnings.com/text-chemistry/


  • That’s Not How Men Work

Average Rebill Amount: $146.34

Product: https://thatsnothowmenwork.com/

Affiliate signup: https://thatsnothowmenwork.com/affiliates.php


  • Sex Escalation Secrets

Average Rebill Amount: $136.15

Product: http://www.makeherwild.com/

Affiliate signup: http://www.makeherwild.com/affiliates.html


  • Effortless Conversational System

Average Rebill Amount: $131.36

Product: https://jonsinncoaching.com/effortlessconversations/

Affiliate signup: http://XXX.realsinn.hop.clickbank.net/ Replace XXX with your Clickbank ID to create your affiliate link.


  • Cosmic Compatibility Profile

Average Rebill Amount: $123.21

Product: http://www.cosmiccompatibilityprofile.com/

Affiliate signup: http://cosmiccompatibilityprofile.com/affiliate/


  • Pheromone Spray For Men

Average Rebill Amount: $122.50

Product: https://www.secretseductionspray.com/current_status

Affiliate signup: https://www.secretseductionspray.com/affiliate-tools


  • Make Him A Monogamy Junkie

Average Rebill Amount: $115.63

Product: https://monogamyj.com/

Affiliate signup: https://www.angiejv.com/affiliate-center/monogamyjunkie/index.php


  • Majestic Messaging

Average Rebill Amount: $100.18

Product: https://magneticmessaging.com/

Affiliate signup: http://www.magneticjv.com/


  • Addict Him

Average Rebill Amount: $99.18

Product: https://www.addicthim.com/index.php

Affiliate signup: http://angiejv.com/


  • Attract And Keep Her

Average Rebill Amount: $94.78

Product: https://attractandkeepher.com/

Affiliate signup: http://angiejv.com/


  • Speak To Spark Arousal

Average Rebill Amount: $89.67

Product: https://speaktosparkarousal.com/ssa-video/

Affiliate signup: http://XXX.jesslast.hop.clickbank.net/ Replace XXX with your Clickbank ID to create your affiliate link.


  • Domination Principle

Average Rebill Amount: $85.87

Product: http://www.insurgentmedia.tv/agecheck/simple-trick.htm

Affiliate signup: http://insurgentmedia.tv/affiliates.htm


  • Revive Her Drive

Average Rebill Amount: $85.55

Product: http://reviveherdrive.com/

Affiliate signup: http://jv.personallifemedia.com/


  • He’s Not That Complicated

Average Rebill Amount: $82.13

Product: https://www.hesnotthatcomplicated.com/?hop=0&vtid=f

Affiliate signup: http://www.hesnotthatcomplicated.com/affiliates/


  • Feminine Enchantment

Average Rebill Amount: $73.70

Product: https://feminineenchantment.com/

Affiliate signup: https://affiliates.commitmentconnection.com/love-frames/


  • Rise Of The Phoenix

Average Rebill Amount: $72.60

Product: https://www.globalseducer.com/rise-of-the-phoenix/

Affiliate signup: https://www.globalseducer.com/affiliates/


  • Respark The Romance

Average Rebill Amount: $71.18

Product: https://www.resparktheromance.com/

Affiliate signup: https://resparktheromance.com/affiliates.php


  • Carlos Cavallo's Women's Dating And Relationships

Average Rebill Amount: $69.71

Product: https://2.datingadviceguru.com/vpages/pphrases1.html

Affiliate signup: http://www.datingadviceguru.com/affiliate


  • Make Small Talk Sexy

Average Rebill Amount: $67.75

Product: https://makesmalltalksexy.com/conversationescalation.html

Affiliate signup: http://www.makesmalltal


  • Meet Your Sweet

Average Rebill Amount: $59.34

Product: https://www.meetyoursweet.com/

Affiliate signup: https://www.meetyoursweet.com/affiliates/


  • 42: The Ex Factor Guide

Average Rebill Amount: $50.79

Product: http://www.exfactorguide.com/welcome.php

Affiliate signup: http://www.exbackprofits.com


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