How to Make Your Launches Far More Profitable

launches selling funnels Apr 06, 2020

Back in the day we saw tons of launches that were just one product. The product launcher kept 50% of the revenue and paid 50% to affiliates.

Next, we saw launches with upsells. The product owner might pay affiliates 100% on the front-end product and split the backend profits 50/50 with affiliates.

These days, we’re seeing more and more launches where the affiliates earn 100% of the initial sale AND the upsells, too.

Why in the world are the product launchers doing this?

First, they’re building lists of BUYERS, which are always worth a shedload more than freebie seekers because they can sell more stuff to them later.

Second, when affiliates are earning 100% of everything, they are promoting the heck out of the offer. This means the product owner is building a much larger list of buyers than they might have if they were only paying 50%.

Third, and here’s the best part – product owners are then immediately putting their new list of buyers into an autoresponder sequence that educates their new buyers on whatever HIGH TICKET promotion they’re going to offer.

The product owners might have their own coaching program, continuity program, online course or whatever. And that product might not even be in the same niche as the original offer. No matter. They now have a list of buyers and they’re able to build rapport and educate those buyers into purchasing very expensive programs.

Thus, the product launcher is forfeiting immediate income in order to gain a much larger income a few weeks down the road.

And perhaps the best part is that the product launcher who now has this list of buyers can promote ANY high-end program, not just her own. She can promote a high-end affiliate program just as easily.

This is an excellent way to build a bigger list of buyers, make affiliates super happy to work with you, and sell a shedload of high ticket products for maximum profit.

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