It's a Easy Keyword Hack that Generates a Lot of Traffic

keyword hack marketing Oct 12, 2021

It's tempting to think that the best method to get the benefits of organic search is to get ranked for brand new keywords. However, if you're already ranked for a specific keyword - or keywords - I've got an easy technique that could be a great source of traffic. The best part is it's effortless to accomplish.

It's going to be looking at the keywords you currently are ranking for, then you'll find the long-tail variants of those terms, and you can rank for them, too.

For instance, if you're ranked in the category of "Best hotel rate," then with a minimum of effort, you can get a position for "Best hotel rate Miami," "Best hotel rate Chicago," "Best hotel rate London" and so on.

If you're currently in the top position in the category of "organic gardening," you may also be ranked in the categories of "Organic tomato gardening," "organic flower gardening," "organic vegetable gardening," and more.

Here's how:

Visit Ubersuggest and enter the domain name of your choice.

There's going to be something known as Top Pages.

All of these pages are driving traffic to your site and the keywords driving your search engine rankings.

Then, head over on to Google Search Console and log in.

This is going to give you what terms you're ranking on at the moment.

Did you get it? It's great.

Reopen your Ubersuggest window and enter the exact keywords that you are ranking for. Ubersuggest will provide you with a keyword report which gives you long-tail variants of terms you rank for already.

You're already ranked for the initial keyword you entered, but now you've plenty of similar long-tail keywords that provide a great deal of traffic that could be coming to you.

Each of the long tail keywords probably only receives a small portion of the traffic you'll get from your primary keywords. This could be more traffic than you're currently getting today, effectively double the amount of organic traffic you get or more. However, when you put the whole lot, you're likely to be a lot of new potential traffic you can use.

Take those new phrases, and then go to the webpage that is in the top position for the keyword you chose to use. Edit your content to incorporate the new keywords. It may mean writing a new version of your text, but it's definitely worth the effort.

Your piece will become a thorough examination into the subject to naturally include the various phrases you wish to be ranked for.

Rewind to the previous article on organic gardeners... Now you'll have an entire section dedicated to organic tomato gardening, organic vegetable gardening, organic flower gardening, and the list goes on.

The readers won't have to look up organic gardening in any other way because everything is covered all in one spot.

After you've done this, your site will rank higher in Google for all the lengthy tail variants. It will take about one month for the results.

Remember, once you've been ranked for the primary phrase, it's simple to rank for long-tail variations as well.

Make use of this simple trick and see your traffic increase.


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