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local 3 pack seo training Apr 24, 2018

Ok, here’s the “Local 3 Pack” SEO Strategy

This strategy follows a few simple rules and using this incredible SEO research tool Local SEO Pro by Andy Black.



BEFORE doing anything, make sure that your client has their business added to ‘Google My Business’.

Be sure that it has been setup correctly, with their correct business name, address, and phone number. Also, make sure that the correct LOCATION settings, and niche category has been set.

If they haven’t yet got a ‘Google My Business’ listing, then you can do this for them (and charge them for it!).

You can set this up here https://www.google.com/business/



You then need to ensure that their business name, address and phone number has been added to the footer of their website (sitewide) – And that it is EXACTLY the same as it is in their ‘Google My Business’ listing.

Also, ensure that their website URL is added to their ‘Google My Business’ listing.



If they have social accounts such as a Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Youtube Channel etc, then make sure that these are linked to from their website. Also, link to their website from those social accounts.

If their website is built on Wordpress then there is a section within the FREE SEO Yoast plugin where you can add these social account URLs.

This will ensure that Google knows all these web properties are related, and belong to your client’s business.



Time to use Local SEO Pro!

When building backlinks and citations it’s best to do this slowly. There is no point spending all day building 100 backlinks and 50 citations. Google will not give you credit for them if they think they are un-natural.

With local SEO, it’s all about patience. The tortoise wins the race!

So, with both backlinks and citations you want to start out by building just 15 – 20 of them in the first month. Spread these out over the month, so maybe 4-5 per week.


What Type of Sites Should You Be Searching for?

The power will come from both authority and relevance.

A backlink or citation from a site related to your client’s niche will be deemed valuable to Google. Also, a website that has a high domain authority and lots of backlinks.

However, it is important to not just focus on SUPER high authority sites. To look natural, you need to include a good mix of sites, with varying authority and backlinks.

There is no set ‘winning’ strategy, but here are some basics that you can follow.

1) Every month ensure 40-50% of your backlinks are on sites that have a Domain Authority of 50 or higher.

2) Every month obtain some backlinks from sites that have a Domain Authority between 20-50.

3) Every month obtain some backlinks from sites that are relevant to your client’s industry. If they are a plumbing company, then look for sites that are related to plumbing, house maintenance, or DIY etc. These do not need to have a SUPER high Domain Authority, but try and keep the Domain Authority for these sites above 15 if possible.

With many of the sites that you ‘find’ using the ‘Find Backlinks’ feature, you’ll also be able to get a citation – ie – add their business name, address and phone number (NAP). Be sure to add these details EXACTLY as they are in your clients ‘Google My Business’ listing. Do not make any typos, or change the way in which you present them.


The ‘Find Citations’ feature allows you to uncover where your client’s competitors have got their citation from. Watch the relevant training video on the training page to learn how to do this.

In a nutshell, you want to slowly add your client’s citation to the SAME sites where their top competitors have their citations listed.

Type in their main local keyword into Google. Ie – plumbers santa clara

The top 3-5 businesses listed in the Google Snack Pack are the ones you need to delve into, and uncover.


Have the Platinum Upgrade?

If you do, then you can go a few steps further.

Every month find 1-2 sites that accept ‘Guest Posts’, and that are RELEVANT to your client’s niche, and that ideally has a decent Domain Authority. Ie – 30+.

Either you or your client can write an article (Guest Post) on a related subject, include a couple of backlinks and submit that to get published on this other site.


TIP: Near the bottom of your guest post you can usually include a short bio. You can use the built-in ‘Description Creator’ within the software to create this, as it will be optimized for your client’s location and areas that they cover.


As well as guest posts, if your client has a ‘little’ news relevant to their company, then you can also use the software to find a relevant site that accepts NEWS or Press Releases. Again, relevant and high authority is best for this. Follow the same practice and guideline as given above for ‘Guest Posts’.

Even just one news article or press release per month can work wonders for both traffic and rankings.

Once your client is ranking on the first page of Google, and ALSO listed in the Google 3-Pack (Google My Business) you’ll be able to charge a substantial fee each month.

You don’t have to tell them what you will be doing to achieve those results (that’s YOUR business!), but make them aware that as long as they keep paying you each month, you will do the work to KEEP their business at the top.

Grab your copy of Local SEO Pro at https://vidpenguin.com/localseopro

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