What is Reverse Podcasting and How Can It JumpStart Your Success?

Marketing is hard - nobody said it would be easy. But the rewards of success are so much greater than any difficulties we might encounter on the way to achieving them.

Podcasts are a useful tool for those who wish to promote their business. It can be time-consuming and difficult, but there are many benefits to starting your own podcast. 

It takes time before you see any results with a lot of work-but the hard effort pays off!

But being a guest speaker on established podcasts – what I call reverse podcasting – can immediately establish your credibility and send hot prospects to your website.

It doesn’t matter if you have a track record online because your offline experience can work just as well for getting interviewed. Remember that podcasters are always looking for interesting people to interview who bring value to their listeners.

The best way to find out what podcasts might be a good fit for you is by finding someone with an established podcast who you admire. For example, let's say that I know this person in my niche who has had 8 books published, and they are really well-known for their expertise.

So if I want to find out what podcasts the person was on, I would do some research and see where they have been interviewed or invited as a guest. These are the ones that would make sense for me to work with to promote his/her content.

Typically, podcasters will want to know what you can offer their listeners in terms of great info. They will also link to your site in their podcast description (great for traffic and SEO) and place your name in the podcast’s title.

Once you’ve been a guest on numerous podcasts, then it might be time to consider starting your own podcast.

And your first guests can be the podcasters who interviewed you since you’ve already established a relationship with them.

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