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5 Ways To Use Google Search Console To Boost SEO Traffic

Every day, Google ranks millions – if not billions – of websites and pages for many key search terms. But even if your 'successful' pages are targeting some of the most highly-ranked keywords, you probably not ranking well for all of the keywords relevant to your site – or even the best ones for your marketing – from search engines.

There is a free tool that can help you see where your content stands in search engine rankings: Google Search Console.

This free tool from...

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5 Reasons Why Your Site isn’t Ranking in Google

seo seo strategies Sep 11, 2020

Sometimes even small changes can make a big difference in getting traffic through the SERPS. 

1: Your content doesn’t connect with visitors 

Buyers want to be heard, understood, and helped. Most of all, they need to feel they can trust the content on your website, or they will leave. 

If your content is nothing but, “We are the BEST! Buy from US!” Then why would anyone trust it? 

If the end goal of your site is to make sales, start by...

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