How to Double Your Course Sign-ups

This will work for most any information product that you deliver over time.

For example, if you’re having a course with weekly classes, a training program in which you release one video every so often, or anything that is not released all at once, here is how to double your sign-ups.

Let’s say you’re offering a course with weekly live training for $97. You promote your course and get as many paid sign-ups as you can. You might give this option a Sunday night deadline.

If you want, you can extend the deadline by one day.

Then on Tuesday, send an email to everyone on your list telling them how they can try your course for FREE. They sign up for $0 up front, and a $97 payment on Friday. They come to the first session on Wednesday evening, and at the end of the session you tell them how to cancel payment if that’s what they want.

Send this email out two or more times on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. You should see plenty of takers for this offer, especially if you built lots of value during your promotions the previous week.

Be sure to give tremendous value on Wednesday evening AND give them plenty of teasers about what they will learn in the coming weeks. You’ve got to do both of these things well, but if you do, you should see very few cancellations.

And that’s it! You’re getting as many paid in full sales up front as you can, and then going back to everyone who did not purchase and letting them sign up for $0 to join your first training.

I’ve seen paid sales double using this simple technique.

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