How to Get Experts to Write Your Blogposts for You

Allow Me to preface this by Alerting you that the Best Selling instrument in all of the world is not the worldwide web, sales letters or revenue videos, or word of mouth.

It is a story.

Stories market like nothing else since We're hard wired to hear and love tales. It is in our bodies. Think about a crude guy coming back from a search and telling everybody in the camp that a saber tooth tiger murdered bob's narrative in the northeast valley. 

Do you think anybody would venture to the darkened valley? No way, since they understood the story of how Bob got murdered by the tiger there.

Now then, here is the way to get specialists to write.

Your blogposts for you AND make them do it in narrative form:

Ask them a question that invites a private narrative. By way of instance, your site is all about investing in products. It isn't important whether they lost or made money. You only need to listen to their story. A dozen of these write back, and you place those stories together to a post.

You are doing a few things here:

  1. An intriguing question, so you can borrow' in their authenticity,
    which makes you look great to your readers and clients.
  2. Secondly, you are doing so in narrative form, and because people love stories, they're coming back to a site every week to get more of those stories.
  3. Third, you are building a connection with these specialists.

Sure, many of them will not respond to you personally, but others will probably be glad to talk about their stories.

And down the way, who knows what could happen. They could wind up boosting your product to their lists, or requesting you to perform a JV, or perhaps getting good buddies with you.

Networking, bringing in more visitors.

Your specialists may also share your articles with their followers. "Hey, my blog is featured within this post; take a look."

The key here is to word your queries in this way. It invites private stories.

And do not forget to request your readers exactly the very same questions.

Sometimes it's the regular guy or gal that you do not understand who's the best narrative --

The one which makes your post proceed viral or perhaps get referenced on additional important websites.

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