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Pro Video Marketing Tips #11 - Webinar Tips

This week is all about webinars, both why you, the professional video marketer need to be using this marketing strategy now and the platforms that help you do this effortlessly.

I have been using webinars for consulting, training, and sales over the last 6 years. during this time, I have made every error that you could imagine. And I've had some really lousy software to add to the problems at times.

Even the best webinar platforms have gone through growth spurts over the last few years that have actually helped them grow stronger with more stable platforms and television style features.

So I thought would share the 5 "Scariest Moments" that I've had hosting webinars:
  1. 325 people live on the webinar with 2 of the biggest names in video marketing joining me on the call... And I forgot to hit the record button on GTW!
  2. Leaving the quiz results up on the screen over the speakers shared screen, where he was demonstrating how to do this very specific trick on the software... I accidentally closed the question box so I couldn't see the 35 people screaming at me in BOLD LETTERS that I need to remove the quiz
  3. I hit the exit webinar button instead of stop sharing the screen, thus knocking off the 125 people on the call... Only 5 people came back
  4. Dropping an affiliate link at the end of the call to a high-end training course... and only later after making no sales, the link went to the main page (without my affiliate tag). The presenter was gracious enough to pay for those leads that evening. But who knows how many sales commissions I lost in the replay.
  5. Being interviewed on what I thought was a podcast interview (voice only), so I did the call at my house with gaming headphones on... so I could standup and walkaround. What I soon discovered after the interview was over. It was a live video call and it was then that I realized I had on my boxer briefs and t-shirt while I was walking around.
    Yes... this was the scariest moment in my webinar career.
 The moral of the story, is that it's OK to screw up online. As long as you keep trying.
And finally, it's Halloween, so I'll share some not-so spooky comics with you.
 Halloween Fun

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 Favorite Quote

Video Training Tip of the Week
This is a demo for WebinarHD. This product gets one of my highest recommendations. Not only is it a GTW replacement. It also is very stable and you can do instant webinars, live shows, and pre-recorded video broadcasts.


...And Just For Fun

For many people, the primary motivator for waking up early seems to be accommodating an unreasonable amount of work.

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