Selling Flexible Coaching

coaching selling strategies Apr 01, 2020

It can be difficult to schedule a time each week with a coaching client. They work full time, they’re in a different part time zone and so forth.

Plus, many clients don’t need an hour every week. They might need an hour now, and then not need your time again until 3 weeks later once they’ve implemented everything they learned on that first call.

If you’re trying to sell coaching by having them book their time first and then pay, you’re essentially putting up a roadblock to the coaching ever taking place.

But if you sell the coaching first and then let them book whenever they want, as they want, the flexibility will lead to more sales of your coaching.

For example, let’s say you charge $300 an hour to work with clients. Maybe you also offer a discount for booking in advance, such as $1000 for 4 hours.

Let them know you are flexible as to when the coaching takes place and how often you talk.

Open up your coaching for a short time, sell hours, receive a big cash influx, and then close it down until next month.

This gets people off their duff and buying your coaching.

Next, have an online scheduling tool that tells clients when you are available and lets them grab time slots when they want them.

For example, your latest client might want to book an hour as soon as possible, and then book the rest of their time in half hour increments ever two weeks.

You decide when you are available and how much time you want to sell. Your clients can redeem their time anytime they like – now or weeks or months in the future.

And one last thing – if you put an expiration on the time, make it well into the future. A year is good. This relaxes your coaching clients into buying more time, since they don’t have to stress about USING IT RIGHT NOW OR LOSING IT.

Added bonus – a few clients won’t actually use all the time they book. Strange but true. So yes, you can go ahead and over sell if you want to. Plus, if you sell too much, you can always just add a few hours each month to your calendar.

This really is a great way to have a very nice cash influx each month, just for talking on Skype.

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