Simple Case Study – How to Build a List for Free Using Affiliate Sales Pages

The other day, I was talking to a man whose business is not my specialty. But from what he shared, I think I know enough about his business to share it with you in this post.

This guy doesn’t have a website or any products of his own- and he doesn't even have a squeeze page.

Yet despite all this, he's building an email list from paid traffic in a self-liquidating manner - meaning that as much money as he makes on the traffic, it spends on building his list.

Have you heard of This is a link tracking software that does a lot, but what really sets it apart are the pop-ups and affiliate pages.

So let's say you're promoting the XYZ product. You have your affiliate page and know the offer converts.

You go to a site like and purchase solo ads. You send this traffic to your affiliate page to make sales to pay for your solo ads.

But on your affiliate page of ABC product, you place a pop-up that grabs the person’s email address.

Essentially the affiliate page becomes your landing page. Sales of the product pay for your traffic. You don’t have to write copy, deal with customer service or any of that.

That’s what this guy is doing.

He provides an incentive to download his lead magnet that is immediately relevant to the product he’s selling. He could offer a discount, for example, but does not guarantee that people will then purchase the full-priced product as well.

But what if they don’t sign up to his list?

The businessman then uses to retarget past visitors. He brings them back to his affiliate page, and back to the pop-up, for just a few cents per visitor.

He gets more sign-ups to his email list and he makes more product sales.

And he does one more thing… he goes to and searches for the "sales pages of his competitors". He then scrolls down until he finds where their traffic is coming from, which are most likely the referrers. He will then buy that same traffic so that they visit through his affiliate link and not directly to the

Sneaky, right?

And again, he uses retargeting to bring prospects back to the sales page for pennies, and he makes even more sales.

A no-hassle business model for people who don't have any up-front cash is to start with an autoresponder program and, since you would not need to invest a lot of money or time upfront.

As long as your promotions pay for your advertising, you can fill up your list as much as you want. Your profits will come from all the other things you sell to your list.

Of course, you can do this with multiple offers in multiple niches simultaneously if you want.

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