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Simple Case Study – How to Build a List for Free Using Affiliate Sales Pages

The other day, I was talking to a man whose business is not my specialty. But from what he shared, I think I know enough about his business to share it with you in this post.

This guy doesn’t have a website or any products of his own- and he doesn't even have a squeeze page.

Yet despite all this, he's building an email list from paid traffic in a self-liquidating manner - meaning that as much money as he makes on the traffic, it spends on building his list.

Have you heard of

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$2,500 Profit a Month to Build Your Own Email List

I’m not sure if I recommend this or not, but it is interesting and certainly something to consider.

There’s a marketer who offers to build you an email list of 1,000 brand new subscribers for $1,000.

He takes on 3 or 4 clients at a time, charging each of them $1,000. Each client supplies a quality lead magnet, and all of the lead magnets are displayed on one squeeze page.

So let’s say the lead magnets are a video on driving traffic, a PDF on list building, a course about...

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A Big Money Maker You’re Completely Missing

There’s a marketer I know who launches a new funnel with a new product every three months or so. He pays 100% commission on the front end as well as 100% commission on all of the upsells, too.

AND he runs an affiliate contest that pays thousands of dollars.

This brings in a LOT of affiliates who promote the new product hard, and it builds a brand new list of buyers.

How does he make his money?

First, he promotes the funnel to his list. I suspect the commission he earns from this is...

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